Request for Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Instructional and Information Technology Services Procedure


Several federal and state mandates regulate the adoption, purchasing, and procurement of information and communication technology (ICT) — the capture, storage, retrieval, processing, display, representation, presentation, organization, management, security, transfer, and interchange of data and information (ISO/IEC 2382).

Since Long Beach City College relies upon a variety of internal and external applications, hardware, and services to support core business functions, the District must perform its due diligence to protect the rights and privacy of its community and personnel as well as the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its information systems.

As a result, the individual or business unit endorsing the ICT (Project Owner) shall follow the procedure outlined below.

ICT Request Procedure

ICT shall only be purchased, procured, or otherwise adopted after the Project Owner has completed and submitted:

Note: A technical liaison can help guide you through the processes above.

Furthermore, a PeopleSoft Purchasing Order shall only be created after the following additional processes have occurred:

  • Documentation for the three processes above is attached to the requisition.
  • The ITS ICT Approver approves the purchase in PeopleSoft.

Technical Assessment

The Project Owner shall consult with a technical liaison from one of the following departments to discuss subjects such as expectations, technical details, and requirements, potential alternatives, etc.