Counseling & Student Development

The Counseling and Student Development program (Education Development) offers three non-credit certificates of competency in Adult Learning Skills, Social Competency Skill, and Transitioning to Higher Education. Each certificate provides students with skills leading to employability, independent living, and transition to higher education.   


By earning a Certificate of Competency in Adult Learning Skills, Social Competency Skills, and/or Transitioning to Higher Education, a student will:  

  • Appraise the strengths and weaknesses of various learning styles and strategies.
  • Demonstrate understanding of social competency skills, effective communication, and job interview skills.
  • Identify and analyze the roles, responsibilities, and academic expectations needed to transition to college life.


Adult Learning Skills, Certificate of Competency
Social Competency Skills, Certificate of Completion
Transitioning to Higher Learning, Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Competency in Adult Learning Skills, Social Competency Skills, Transitioning to Higher Education.

Do I need to take any general education classes for a certificate of accomplishment?

General Education coursework is not required for the certificate of accomplishment, but a student may enroll in English and Reading to build foundational academic skills in writing and reading comprehension.

How do I enroll in classes?

Students may receive registration assistance at the Welcome Center. Counselors and Matriculation Aides are available to answer questions and provide referrals to other campus resources.

Are there other supports for students seeking academic and physical accommodations?

Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) provides supports and academic adjustments for students with a qualifying disability. Students seeking accommodations must first attend a DSPS Orientation Session.