Citizen’s Oversight Committee Meeting


The meeting will be live-streamed:

Meeting Date: Monday, January 30th, 2023 @ 6:00pm

Public Comments on Agenda Items

All public comments (either real-time via zoom or written) are limited to 3 minutes per speaker, but no more than 20 minutes will be allowed per subject. We ask that you submit public comment requests 3 hours prior to the meeting to assist us with organizing and holding an orderly meeting. If you are unable to let us know in advance that you wish to offer public comment, please email as soon as possible; staff will monitor this email address and endeavor to respond so that you can offer your public comment. Staff will exercise diligence under the circumstances; however, we highly recommend advising us in advance if you wish to make public comment in order to avoid technical difficulties, delays, or the potential of missing the opportunity to offer public comment.

OPTION #1: Real-Time Zoom Public Comment

  • To address the COC in real-time via zoom, submit your request via email to Please provide First/Last Name, Phone Contact, and Agenda Item for your comment. The Executive Assistant in the Business Services area will contact you with further information.

OPTION #2: Written Public Comments

  • Written public comments may be submitted via email to Nathalie Sevilla, Executive Assistant, VP Business Services at and should time permit, will be read aloud following any real-time phone-in public comments.

Individuals with a disability or language needs requiring reasonable accommodation to participate in a COC meeting, may request assistance by contacting the VP, Business Services Office, 4901 East Carson Street, Long Beach, CA 90808; 562/938-4023; email: at least 48 hours in advance.

Please note for Accommodations: At least 72 hours prior to the event, (562) 938-4558 (voice), (562) 353-4217 (videophone), & // Sign Language Interpreting, please contact Stephanie Bonales at or (562) 938-4918.
Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services, 5 business days prior to the event, please contact Human Resources Staff at *requests are based on provider availability*