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The career education programs at Long Beach City College provides endless possibilities for our students. With 30+ career development programs offering a variety of courses, LBCC has the education and training to put you on the path to success. Whether you know where you’re headed or looking for a place to start, explore the classes, programs, and resources that are the portal to your future. We are here to help fulfill your dreams.



Business Administration & Economics


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The Business program equips our students, through a variety of academic disciplines and in a manner consistent with the mission of the college, with the knowledge and skills needed to transfer to a baccalaureate-degree granting institution, to enter the work force, to update workplace skills, or to achieve personal enrichment in a lifelong learning environment. Students develop high-level knowledge and critical-thinking skills that will prepare them to make informed and ethically-responsible decisions in a complex global environment.

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Business Administration

If you want to learn more about business, whether you have an idea that you want to create into a business but don’t know where to start or whether you want to move quickly toward earning a bachelor’s degree at a CSU, starting with  an Associate of Science – Transfer degree would be the right move to begin to understand the theories and applications of Business.


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Economics is consistently rated among the top most employable and among the top ten best paying degrees.  But as any good economist will tell you; it is not always about more money, but rather more opportunity. Economists work for big or small firms, in the public or private sector, with non-profits and for-profit firms. 



trade & industrial technology


Gas Station


advanced transportation technology

Get trained in Alternative Fuel vehicle conversion, servicing and maintaining Alternative Fueled vehicles in the light/medium and heavy-duty engine platforms in such fields as car, bus, truck, and specialty equipment diagnosis and repair industry. Computerized engine management is emphasized.


White Tesla


Automotive Technology

Learn the skills to safely work on the high Voltages present in Electric Vehicles and diagnose and repair computer controlled Electric Vehicles including hybrids, fuel cells, and plug-in electrics, regarding installations and inspections of systems and their related components.


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Architectural Design

Learn the latest technologies, industry standards, and significant industry trends in Architecture and/or environmental design. Possess the technical knowledge and communication skills to identify, articulate and solve problems pertaining to the built environment and perform tasks within the architecture professions.


Drafting Architecture


Drafting: Architecture

Establish mastery of basic knowledge and skills and apply advanced technologies relevant to entering the architectural drafting and environmental design field as an architectural drafter or senior draftsman.  




drafting: mechanical design

Establish mastery of basic knowledge and skills in mechanical design and apply advanced technologies relevant to entering the mechanical drafting and design field.



electrical technology

Learn to install, maintain, and repair electrical equipment and systems in a safe and workmanlike manner. Once a student has completed the program, that student will be allowed to register to take the Electrician’s Certification Exam. 





Acquire technical skills to cultivate and manage edible and ornamental plants in horticultural production systems. Learn to distinguish 100 landscape plants suitable for different landscape situations with proper cultural practices and implement fundamental landscaping principles to layout and install residential gardens.

Metal Welding


metal fabrication technology

Learn to perform a common sheet metal layout and fabrication project using power machinery and demonstrate the ability to read and interpret construction blueprints.

Welding Tile



Learn the technical skills to produce quality welds in the flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions using various arc welding processes. The program emphasize advanced welding skills in the SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding) and FCAW (Flux Core Arc Welding) processes on application of fundamental welding techniques and safe industry practices.


public services




administration of justice

Learn the fundamental knowledge of the history, development, structure, and functions of the American criminal justice system. Develop critical thinking skills through applying the criminological theories, principles, and concepts to address real-life situations in the field; recognizing the importance of legal and ethical behavior in a professional work setting; and analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating criminological justice theories, policies, practices and procedures to develop strategies to control and prevent crime.


Scientist study chemistry


alcohol & drug studies

Learn the theories and principles of drug and alcohol clinical evaluation, treatment planning, referral, service coordination, counseling, documentation, and professional/ethical responsibilities. Utilize methodology to develop a psychosocial treatment plan for a client. 


Fire hydrant


fire science

Learn the history, development, structure, and functions of the American fire service and apply prevention/protection/fire-fighting theories, principles, and concepts to address real-life situations in the field. Develop abilities to analyze, interpret, and evaluate prevention/protection/firefighting theories, policies, practices, and procedures to develop strategies to prevent, control, and fight fires. 


people talking to each other


human services

Learn the skills and knowledge in social work or human services. Utilize methodology to develop a psychosocial treatment plan for a client and analyze information and assess the level of crisis intervention needed to best meet client needs.


family & consumer studies


apple on books


Nutrition & Dietetics

Learn the skills to provide nutritional care services and up to date, evidenced based practices in food service management and clinical nutrition care as Dietetic Service Supervisors, Nutrition Assistants, and nutritional care specialists in health care and nutrition related facilities.


Clothing store


family & consumer studies

Analyze cultural forces and their effects on the individual and family and evaluate and develop personal finance plans. Develop skills and competencies for multiple roles of home, family, and career in any of the generalized fields of Family and Consumer Science which includes Child Development, Family and Consumer Studies, Fashion, Foods and Nutrition, and Interior Design.


Fashion Show



Learn the skills to predict fashion trends and analyze form, silhouette, proportion, texture and drape or fabric to develop a fashion line for a target customer in the field of fashion design, production and manufacturing. 




Fashion Merchandising

Learn the discipline specific skills and knowledge to calculate markups, markdowns, and open-to-buy using formulas for Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Merchandising Management.

flowers in basket


floral design

Develop strong, basic foundation in the retail management as well as the hands-on skills of floral design, current trends, and production of industry acceptable floral displays as needed for employment as a floral designer. Learn how to analyze, interpret and exercise critical judgment in the evaluation of floral art forms.


computer & office studies


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Business Information worker

We offer a wide assortment of courses on using Microsoft Windows and Office software. Get Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certified today!


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computer security & networking

Help protect the digital world from hackers by learning cyber security techniques. Or become a good hacker…


Mother Board


Computer science

Computers are everywhere now. Learn to design the code that makes them work and the science behind them. Prepare to transfer to a higher degree. C++, java, android development, and more.


computer devices


Computer Technology

Nothing is more critical to successful business operations than effective networks. Learn skills to protect business networks and hardware.


holding cell phone next to laptop


Computer support specialist

Learn the necessary digital literacy and business communication skills to efficiently support customers.


database server computer


Database Management

We interact with databases on daily basis. Learn how to use Microsoft Access, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Create your own databases, forms and reports using SQL.


coding on laptop


Web Development

Learn modern web development skills using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP.


culinary arts



baking & pastry arts

Learn the fundamental knowledge of Baking and Pastry principles and techniques to create yeast bread and pastry products to industry standards. Acquire abilities to synthesize the principles and reactions of basic baking ingredients and their properties alone and when combined with other ingredients. 

Nutrition studies


culinary arts

Develop understanding of culinary fundamentals with hands-on training using traditional and state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, with an emphasis on industry-standard safety and sanitation practices. Learn to propose and assemble a complete three-course meal from a given set of ingredients and select the most appropriate tools and equipment for each task.


child development


Children reading


child development: early childhood education

Learn to design, implement and evaluate environments and activities that support optimum developmental play and learning outcomes for all young children. Gain ability to apply effective guidance and interaction strategies to support children’s social learning, peer relations, and self-confidence. 


teacher hugging student with down syndrome


child development: special education assistant

Learn techniques to demonstrate responsive care and teaching practices for children with special needs through the integration of assessment, theory, and practice. Incorporate ethical and professional standards engaging in collaborative learning and reflective practices.