Nutrition & Dietetics


Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics is one of the fastest-growing industries. Hospitals, clinics, schools, senior living centers, wellness programs, community and public health centers, universities, and the hospitality industry are always in need of trained food service professionals. LBCC’s Nutrition and Dietetics program prepares students for entry-level jobs in two years or less. Students earn state-recognized certification and receive hands-on training in local healthcare facilities.

NUTRITION & DIETETICS - Program Brochure


    The Nutrition and Dietetics program is committed to nurturing a learning environment that:

    • Provides the healthcare institution with culturally diverse nutrition and dietetic practitioners who have excellent training, ethics, and professionalism.
    • Supports the lifelong academic and professional success of every student, regardless of race, national origin, or economic status.
    • Contributes to the development of the student competency to provide nutritional care services in food-service management and clinical nutrition care.
    • Contributes to institutional success by preparing students to complete their training and find employment successfully, and be responsive to community needs and become active leaders and mentors in the field of nutrition and dietetics.
    • Assistant Director of Child Nutrition
    • CDM (Certified Dietary Manager)
    • Clinical Nutrition Assistant
    • Commercial Food Service Operation
    • Community Nutrition
    • Corporate Catering/Specialty Nutrition Dining Manager
    • Diet Office Manager in the Health Care
    • Director of Senior Nutrition Programs
    • Food and Nutrition Department Director or Assistant Director
    • Food Service Management
    • Formula and Human Milk Technician
    • Health Journalist
    • Infant Formula Room Technician
    • Infant Nutrition Technician
    • Manager of Dietary Department in Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers
    • Milk Lab Technician
    • Milk Room Assistant Manager
    • Nutrition Consultant
    • Nutrition Sales and Marketing
    • Nutrition Wellness Programs
    • Patient Service Manager
    • Pediatric Nutrition
    • Public Health Professionals

    Degrees & Certificates

    Nutrition and Dietetics (AA + Cert) Curriculum Guide

    Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T), Nutrition and Dietetics

    Nutrition and Dietetics (AS-T) Curriculum Guide

    Associate in Arts (AA), Dietetic Service Supervisor

    Associate in Science (AS), Nutrition Assistant

    Certificate of Achievement, Dietetic Service Supervisor

    Certificate of Achievement, Formula Room Technician

    Certificate of Accomplishment, Cake Decorating Techniques

    Certificate of Accomplishment, Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) Board Exam Preparation
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    Course Offerings

    View courses offered in different semesters to assist in academic planning.

    Course Name   Fall   Winter Spring Summer

    NUTR 20
    Nutrition & Life

    Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon

    NUTR 21
    Food Selection and Meal Preparation

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 24
    Sanitation, Safety and Equipment

    Check Icon      

    NUTR 25
    Intro to Food Service/Work Organizations

        Check Icon  

    NUTR 28 
    Food Production Management

        Check Icon  

    NUTR 31
    Menu Planning & Food Purchasing

    Check Icon      

    NUTR 32
    Therapeutic Diets

        Check Icon  

    NUTR 34
    Advanced Nutrition Care

    Check Icon      

    NUTR 35
    Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy

        Check Icon  

    NUTR 227
    Supervision & Training Techniques

        Check Icon  

    NUTR 230A
    Clinical Field Experience I

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 230B
    Clinical Field Experience I

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 236
    Dietetic Professional Development Seminar

        Check Icon  

    NUTR 240A
    Clinical Field Experience II

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 240B
    Clinical Field Experience II

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    Recommended Courses (AS/AA Degrees)

    NUTR 26
    Nutrition for the Active Person

    Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon

    NUTR 233
    Special Topics in Health Care Dietetics

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 250
    Nutrition in Healthy Cooking

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 253
    ServSafe Certification

        Check Icon  

    NUTR 254
    Nutrition for Adults and Aging

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 255
    Vegetarian Lifestyle

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 256
    Weight Control & Energy Balance

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 260
    Cultural Foods

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 261
    Cooking for Wellness

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 262
    Cooking for Singles

    Check Icon   Check Icon  

    NUTR 601
    CDM Board Exam Preparation 1

    Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon

    NUTR 602
    CDM Board Exam Preparation 2 

    Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon Check Icon


    Do you offer the CDM certification program?

    We are in the process of updating our DSS program to CDM. Currently, under the pathway II, the graduate of LBCC’s NA program and AA degree in DSS program are eligible for the CDM,  certification exam.

    How long does it take to complete the program?

    Depending on the number of units you take and whether you are a full-time or part-time student, completing a certificate program can take as little as one semester and completing an associate degree program can take about two years.

    Make a 30-minute appointment with an academic counselor to receive services in educational plans, transcript evaluation, and career planning.

    Who are the Career & Technical Education (CTE) counselors?

    Schools/Program Counselor Location
    Career & Technical Education Alicia Andujo LAC
    Career & Technical Education Lorraine Blouin LAC
    Career & Technical Education Laura Garcia LAC
    Career & Technical Education Diana Ogimachi LAC
    Career & Technical Education Robert Olmos PCC
    Career & Technical Education Tom To PCC

    Please visit the Counseling Office for Academic Counseling, Career Exploration, Educational Planning, College Transfer, Student Resources, and many others to help you achieve your educational goals.

    Which course are transferable to UC or CSU?

    Course Number Course Name Transferable System
    FN 20 Nutrition and Life CSU & UC
    FN 21 Food Preparation and Selection CSU
    FN 26 Nutrition for the Active Person CSU

    How to transfer and lookup comparable course listings.

    To help determine if courses taken at other schools are comparable to Long Beach City College courses, please visit LBCC Transfer Evaluation System (TES).

    For more information, please visit LBCC Transfer Center.

    How much does the program cost?

    Please visit Financial Aid for tuition cost and Federal Work Study information.

    How do I receive my degree or certificate after I finish the coursework?

    You will need to complete an application for your degree or certificate and submit that application to the LBCC Admissions & Records office. Visit Admissions & Records for more details.

    What are the jobs?

    • CDM (Certified Dietary Manager)

    A Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Professional (CDM®, CFPP®) has the education, training, and experience to competently perform the responsibilities of a dietary manager and has proven this by passing a nationally-recognized credentialing exam and fulfilling the requirements needed to maintain certified status.

    Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Professionals (CDM, CFPPs) are nationally recognized experts at managing dietary operations. Many works in healthcare—nursing facilities, rehab centers, senior living communities, or hospitals. Some work in correctional facilities, schools, and the military. Others work for corporations.

    CDM, CFPPs are experts at managing foodservice operations and ensuring food safety. They are responsible for implementation of menus, foodservice purchasing, and food preparation. They apply nutrition principles, document nutrition information, manage work teams, and much more.

    • Formula Room Technician

    The Formula Tech’s primary role is the preparation of human milk and the safe and sanitary production of infant formula. The Tech is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of equipment within regulatory guidelines and sanitary maintenance of the preparation room. The Tech must interpret technical physician orders, ensure accurate dosing, maintain quality/safety, order supplies, and adhere to all policies/procedures.

    • Food Service Management
    • Nutrition Consultant
    • Nutrition Sales and Marketing
    • Health Journalist
    • Commercial Foods
    • Community Nutrition
    • CDM (Certified Dietary Manager)
    • Formula Room Technician
    • Other health related jobs and much more!

    Where are the jobs?

    • Hospitals/Clinics
    • Schools Food Service
    • Fitness Centers
    • Health Clubs
    • Nutrition/Wellness Programs
    • Nursing and Retirement Homes
    • Eating Disordered Programs
    • Rehabilitation Centers /Convalescent Homes
    • Infant & Child Nutrition Programs
    • Senior Nutrition Programs