COVID-19 Update: Repeating Courses, Grades and Refunds


Dear Students,

We hope you are continuing to stay safe and healthy during this time.  There are additional updates regarding repeating courses, grading, and refunds in light of COVID-19.   These updates are for classes taken in the Spring 2020 semester only. 

Pass/No Pass

There are 2 ways to change the grading option for your class to Pass/No Pass up until May 27, 2020.

  1. Class is found in your Viking Portal. In your Viking Portal, click on the “Manage Classes” tile.  On the left-hand side, click on “Update Grading Basis,” classes that are available to be updated electronically will be listed there. If you do not see your class listed there, proceed to the next option.
  2. If the class is not found in your Viking Portal, you may turn in a form. The Pass/No Pass form requires you to consult with a counselor before turning in the form. This consultation is to help ensure that changing the grading option to Pass/No Pass is the appropriate choice to support your academic progress. After your counselor consultation, a counselor can support the submission of the approved Pass/No Pass form to Admissions and Records or you may submit the approved form to


You may withdraw ‘W’ from your course(s) in your Viking Portal up until May 27, 2020. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the ‘W’ grade will be changed to an Excused Withdraw ‘EW’ grade. The change from ‘W’ to ‘EW’ will be processed weekly. For students not using the California Promise Grant or financial aid, please allow two weeks for refund processing and delivery. 

Reminder regarding Financial Aid: Due to changes from the Federal government for this spring 2020 semester only, this W/EW grade will not impact you.  It will not trigger a repayment or negatively impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). 

Dropping without a W/EW (no course notation on the transcript)

If you are not using the California Promise Grant or Financial Aid, you may request a refund of your enrollment fees. The form can be found on the Admissions and Records website.  The form does not require additional documentation for the Spring 2020 semester.    

Repeating a Class

All class attempts in the Spring 2020 semester will not count towards the total 3 attempts allowed to complete a class, regardless of the grade earned.  You may choose to repeat a class, regardless of the grade you earned in the Spring 2020 semester.

Reminders: If you would like to repeat a course where you earned a grade of C or better, or a Pass in the Spring 2020 semester, you can submit the Course Repeat Form to

Between May 11 through May 27, if you are going to register for a class for the Fall 2020 semester that will be a repeat of a Spring 2020 class, you must drop/withdraw (W) from the Spring 2020 class in your Viking Portal before you can enroll in the same class for Fall 2020. 


Refunds are not available to students with a CA Promise Grant or Financial Aid.  For students not receiving financial aid, please reference the below information:

Types of Refunds for Students Not Receiving Financial Aid

  • Course Fees-100% Refund
  • Materials Fees-100% Refund
  • Parking Fees-60% Refund
  • Health, & Student Rep Fees-100% Refund, if a student drops all courses
  • ASB (College Services Card)- 60% Refund
* Refunds currently apply to California residents and will apply to fees paid only. 

Let Us Help Catch You Before You Drop

It’s true that online classes can be a difficult adjustment, especially when it wasn’t expected. But LBCC wants to remind you that we are here to help. If you are thinking about dropping a class, please consider that doing so can affect your entire educational plan. So, before you drop consider utilizing these options:

  • Contact your Instructor for their suggestions.
  • Use our online tutoring services. You can email the Writing & Reading Center at and put “tutoring” in the subject line. The Math Success Center is hosting online tutoring and will begin offering private online tutoring with Net-Tutor by the end of this week. Visit for a schedule of Science tutoring activities. Email to make a tutoring appointment for a science class at
  • Talk with an LBCC academic counselor.

For more information, please visit our website at