Math Success Center


Math Success Center

The LBCC Math Success Center is specifically designed to support student success and achievement in the area of math by providing Supplemental Learning Activities and tutoring to students of all levels at no cost.


The Calculator Loan Program for the Spring 2020 semester is currently on suspension due to the COVID-19 Campus closure. Tentatively, calculators currently on loan are expected to be returned in June 2020. 

For a free 6-month Digital Calculator go to: TI Online Calculator Resource

Online Tutoring, DLA, and Workshop Resources

If you need to schedule an Online Tutoring session or sign up for a Statistics or Math 21A/B tutorial, please click on the Math & Statistics Tutoring and Tutorials.

If you need to schedule an online DLA or sign up for a Workshop, please click on the Supplemental Learning Assistance and then click on the Math SLA Schedules tab near the bottom.

Helpful videos  

Math Success CenterMath Success Center
Math Success CenterMath Success Center

Math & Statistics Tutoring and Tutorials
Find schedules for tutorials for statistics and various math courses.

Tutoring is available for various math classes. Email MSC@LBCC.EDU to request an Online Tutoring Appointment.
Please include the following information in your request email:
-First Name
-Last Name
-Student ID Number
-Math Course Name
-Preferred Date & Time for appointment


Supplemental Learning Assistance
Workshops, Directed Learning Activities and Directed Study Groups

Supplemental Learning Assistance (SLAs) are student learning activities tailored to specific courses that reinforce course concepts and the reading, writing, math, and study skills needed to achieve course learning objectives.