Math Success Center


Math Success Center

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The LBCC Math Success Center is specifically designed to support student success and achievement in the area of math by providing tutoring to students of all levels at no cost.


The Calculator Loan Program is a free calculator rental program for students enrolled in a Math Course. Emails will be sent to all students enrolled in a math or statistics class with directions to request a rental. You will be able to sign up to pick up a calculator through those emails.

Learn How to Access Online Math and Statistics Services

Please choose the appropriate video to watch for your class. The video will explain how to sign up for the different services that the Math Success Center offers for your class.

Math 40, 45, 47, 50, 60, 70, 80, 84, 120: General Math Class Math Success Center Orientation Video

Statistics: Statistics Math Success Center Orientation Video

Online Etiquette Guidelines for Online Services

Students who utilize LBCC services are expected to follow online etiquette protocols.  This includes tutoring services, workshops, and tutorials. Please be mindful of the content on your computer screen, including tabs and bookmarks, when engaging in services where screen sharing is necessary for your tutoring experience.  Students who engage in inappropriate behavior, such as screen sharing inappropriate or offensive material, or content that is not directly related to the services being provided, will be asked to remove the offending content or end the support service session. For more information, please refer to the Netiquette Guidelines for Online Students.