How do I enroll in the Electrical Technology Program? 


Do I have to attend the Electrical Orientation? 


Are you an Electrician Trainee approved school? 

Yes, we are #101.

We were the first school to be approve in the state of California and we are approved to Offer Whole General Electrician Curriculum.    

Please visit State of California, Department of Industrial Relations for list of approved schools.

What is a permission number? 


What is a prerequisite waiver form? 


Classes have already started and I have not attended the Electrical Orientation.  What are my options? 


If I have attended the Electrical Orientation, do I have to attend a second time? 

No.  This is a onetime event.  

Why do I have to attend the Electrical Orientation? 

Yes.  The Electrical Orientation is a program requisite.  It is in place to ensure the safety and health awareness of LBCC electrical students. 

When do classes start? 

Please visit LBCC Academic Calendar.

What classes do I need to take? 

Link to the appropriate page.  Maybe the road map/curriculum guide. 

What sequences of classes do I need to take? 

Same link as #10. 

Are any of the electrical classes transferable to CSU? 

Scott are any of your classes transferable to CSU? 

Are there any other classes that I can take while waiting for the start of the electrical program classes?   

You can take General Education classes.  See a counselor and Electrical Instructor.  

What Math do I need to take? 

Scott.  What are the new math prerequisites?  Do we list them now? 

If I have taken algebra and trigonometry at another schoo do I still need to take the required math classes? 

Bring your non official transcripts to the Electrical Orientation for review. 

Why do I need Math? 

Electricians use math in many ways in their career. They use math to help design and test electrical equipment. They use math to calculate amp and volt requirements for electrical projects and installations.  

I’m on financial aid, are there any opportunities in the electrical program for working and earning some money while I attend school?   

Link to Career Coach.  Maybe ask Sean Foley how to link to these job advertisements for LBCC 

I work days.  Do you have night classes? 

Our curriculum is offered days, nights, weekends, and some online classes as well. 

What if my work schedule changes.  Will I have to drop out? 

No.  Most of our classes are offered both day and night.  Talk to your instructor.  She will make sure you have the proper paperwork to switch classes. 

What type of jobs are there for someone who completes one of your Electrical Technology programs? 

Link to the jobs listed for our program. 

I have completed your program.  I notice you have new certificates.  Do I need to repeat any classes? 

There should be no classes that have to be repeated if you have already passed with a grade of C or better. 

I need to take Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  Do you have CEU courses? 

Yes. Talk to one of the Electrical Instructors about pre-requisite waiver forms. 

I have completed electrical course/certificates at another college.  Why do I need to take more here at LBCC? 

Come in and talk to one of our full time instructors.  We will assess your completed courses and see if you have completed the states requirements for hours completed. 

What is an Electrician Trainee? 

Please visit State of California, Department of Industrial Relations for more information on Electrician Trainee.

Who needs an Electrical Trainee card? 

If a person wants to perform electrical work for a C-10 contractor and does not yet qualify to take the certification exam because of lack of work experience or related instruction, can do so legally by registering as an electrician trainee. 

When can I apply for my Electrician Trainee card (ET card)? 

Once you are enrolled in and attending our electrical courses and after census.   

How do I become an Electrician Trainee (Trainee)? 

  1. Enroll in and attend our electrical courses. 
  2. Fill out the ‘New Electrician Trainee Enrollment Verification Request Form’ 
  3. Follow the directions on the form. 
  4. After census, about four weeks after school starts, you will receive a Enrollment Verification form and a application for New Registration or Reinstatement Registration or Renewal Registration form. 
  5. Fill out the appropriate for, follow all the directions on the form, mail the required items to the listed address. 
  6. Within the month you will receive your Electrician Trainee Number. 

To verify if your card is current, please visit California Certified Electricians as of 03/07/2019.

How often do I need to renew my ET card? 

The ET card expires in one year.  You must renew your card before the deadline. 

My ET card expired.  How do I renew it? 

Go thru the ‘How do I become an Electrician Trainee’ steps.  Make sure you fill out the information needed to reinstate. 

Can I take the California General Electrician Exam as a Electrician Trainee? 

Yes, once you receive your Certificate of Achievement you are eligible to apply for and take the California general electrician exam. 

What is the difference between a Contractor, Electrician, and a Trainee? 

I applied at a local union.  What classes should I take to help me in the interview process. 

What is a General Electrician? 

How many hours of electrical work is needed to take the General Electrician exam? 

Do my class hours count toward my General Electrician on the job hours? 

What if I do not have the hours to take the General Electrician Exam? 

Can a Electrical Trainee take the General Electrician Exam? 

Can I sit for the General Electrician’s exam after I get my certificate and/or degree? 

Why do you call it the General Electrician Exam and not the Journeyman Exam or license? 

What is the difference between a certified electrician and a licensed electrician? 

Do you offer low voltage classes? 

Do you offer medium voltage classes? 

Do you offer high voltage classes? 

Does Long Beach City College Differentiate their courses by voltage? 

What is the difference between the various voltages? 

What are the different jobs and pay between the various voltages? 

Does LBCC offer online classes? 

Is LBCC Electrical Technology an Apprenticeship program? 

Is LBCC an Electrical Trainee program. 

What is the purpose of the OSHA card? will it help me get a job? 

if I need to speak with someone in person, to whom do I call or email to schedule an appointment?