LGBTQIA+ Students
Campus Resources for LBCC Students

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Long Beach City College strives to create a welcoming and inclusive campus and learning environment for all students. LBCC is committed to serving members of the campus community who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.

The Queer Space Club at LBCC exists to offer a place of refuge for all LGBTQ+ students. As a club, we are committed to supporting one another in all our queer splendor! By gathering, supporting one another, and amplifying the queer voice on campus, we aim to create a more inclusive and safe campus for all students. We understand how intersectionality affects some of the most marginalized in our community and we stand in solidarity with one another. Queer Space is a club for students with non-heteronormative sexual and romantic orientations and students with non-cisnormative gender identities and expressions. We gather to generate a greater sense of connectedness, community, and equity. We are a club that is committed to having a good time whenever we can! We celebrate our stories, one another, and ourselves through advocacy, workshops, FUN events, community building, discussions, and more!

Read the resolution from the LBCCD Board of Trustees adopting a new resolution recognizing LGBTQ History Month.


Long Beach City College is a multicultural and diverse community which advances student learning and development. Committed to excellence through diversity, LBCC serves members of the campus community who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer, striving to foster a community of inclusion and respect. LBCC takes pride in empowering all students to thrive and proudly supports its LGBTQ students in their pursuit of locating financial resources for higher education.

Brown and Caldwell GLBTQ Scholarship
Point Foundation LGBTQ Scholarship
NOGLSTP – Stem Scholarships
Association of LGBTQ Journalists – Leo F. Aarons Scholarship
GAPA Foundation – Asian Pacific Gays & Friends Scholarship
Pride Foundation
Jonathan Lax Scholarship Fund for Gay Men
eQuality Scholarship
PFLAG Bellevue Scholarship
CFPCA LGBT Endowed Scholarship

Mental Health & Wellness

LBCC recognizes that students today face many stressors that can affect their emotional health–ranging from temporary challenges to more serious problems that may have a long-term impact. LBCC’s Mental Health Services providers are welcoming and affirming to assist students to gain greater insights into their own identity or develop a stronger sense of empathy for others’ identities. LBCC students are eligible to receive up to six short-term therapy sessions in a safe and confidential environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, non-binary, queer, and questioning students to discuss identity, coming out, family, and relationship issues. Students may also want to explore anxiety, depression, eating disorder, and academic stress during individual therapy sessions. LBCC students are eligible to receive up to six short-term therapy sessions provided by professional, licensed mental health clinicians or graduate interns. Confidentiality is always respected with LBCC services.

Mental Health Services are available to currently enrolled students who have paid their student health fee at no additional cost. To schedule an appointment, students can visit Student Health Services on LAC or PCC. Call (562) 938-4210 (LAC) or (562) 938-3992 (PCC).

LBCC clinics are open Monday – Thursday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm & Friday from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. Drop-in hours for urgent matters are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please be sure to call first as drop-in hours vary daily depending on the schedules of the available clinicians.