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The Personal Counseling Program is committed to helping college students increase their awareness, knowledge, and resources in order to successfully meet the challenges of encountering new ideas, relating to others from diverse backgrounds, and coping with the transitions of adulthood. Because students enter LBCC with varying skills and experiences, we attempt to meet each student at his or her need level, whether the student is in a crisis situation, experiencing an exacerbation of a long-standing problem, or anticipating forthcoming changes.

The Personal Counseling Program has been an integral part of the educational experience at LBCC and helps students to creatively handle the stresses of college life. Learning to master these challenges will enhance a student’s psychological, interpersonal, educational, and career development while at LBCC and long after leaving the campus.


It is vital that students feel free to talk openly about any concerns they may have. To encourage frank discussions, all communications are confidential as specified by the state and federal laws regulating the practice of psychology. Concerns about privacy can be discussed at the time of your visit.

What to Expect

As a currently enrolled student at Long Beach City College, you are eligible to use psychological services. Once you make an appointment to talk with someone from our counseling psychology staff, here’s what you can expect.

For many students, it’s a new experience to discuss difficult personal matters with a psychologist. Often students begin by saying, “I’m not sure where to start…” or, “This feels awkward…” Before you begin, here are several things to consider.

In the past, you may have been able to handle the pressures of college, work, and personal life alone. You may have even tried discussing situations with friends, relatives, or others. Sometimes, these people care so much about your well-being that they become over-involved in the situation and lose their ability to give an objective viewpoint. The counseling psychology staff may offer a different perspective and may help you develop new strategies and solutions. How is this done?

By discussing the topics of concern. You will be helped to clarify:

  • the nature and extent of the problem with specific details
  • why it’s a problem for you now
  • how it interferes with your life and progress at LBCC
  • how you’ve tried to deal with it
  • what has been successful and what hasn’t
  • some alternatives acceptable to you
  • goals for behavioral and situational changes

When you have outlined a concrete plan of action, you may be assigned specific activities to improve your problem-solving skills and to strengthen your confidence. Your progress toward your self-defined goals usually is hastened by following the recommended activities between your appointments. Your progress will be monitored and you may need to make changes to tailor your work for specific situations. This is important because Psychological Services are limited to short-term consultations on specific problems. In some situations, the problem presented may require more specialized or extended services that can be provided by the College. If this is your situation, you will be given assistance in locating the proper professional.

It is important for you to keep your appointments. If you are unable to keep an appointment, kindly give us 24 hours notice. Due to the large volume of students we see, it may not be possible to reschedule you as soon as you would like. Two consecutive “no shows” will result in you having to use our walk-in times exclusively for the remainder of the semester. If you are 15 minutes late for an appointment, we reserve the right to take another student during your time and you will have to reschedule.

To Schedule Appointments

Appointments can be made in person or by phone:

LAC Bldg A-1010, (562) 938-4210
PCC Bldg GG-117, (562) 938-3992


Personal Counselor hours vary, so be sure to call first. Urgent matters may be discussed at brief sessions without an appointment on a first-come, first-served basis during posted hours.


For emergencies call 911
Crisis intervention services are available anytime during office hours.

After hours
  • On-campus, call Campus Police (562) 938-4910 or 938-4911
  • Off-campus call local police 911
  • Mental Health Urgent Care 24 hr (562) 790-1860
  • Harbor Free Clinic Psychological Services (310) 547-0202

Office hours are Monday through Friday. The counseling office is closed on weekends, college holidays, and during semester breaks. Summer session services are also available. Call for hours.


Services are available to currently enrolled students at no cost. 

Helpful Links

The following links may be helpful when searching the net for information about various mental health issues. For psychological counseling on campus call LAC (562) 938-4210 or PCC (562) 938-3922.

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