Programs of Study, 2022-2023
2022-2023 Academic Year



Administration of Justice (AS-T)

Administration of Justice (AA)

  • Criminal Forensics (C-ACC)
  • Public Services: Transportation Security Administration Associate (C-ACC)
  • Security Guard Training (C-COMPL)

Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AS)

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technology (C-ACH)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology Core Skills (C-ACH)

Advanced Transportation Technology (AS)

  • Alternate Fuel Vehicles (C-ACH)
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (C-ACH)

American Sign Language and Deaf Studies (AA)

Anthropology (AA-T)

Architectural Design (AS)

Art (AA)

  • Applied Design in Art: 3D Materials and Processes (C-ACH)
  • Jewelry Entrepreneurship (C-ACH)
  • Sculptural Design: 3D Materials and Processes (C-ACH)

Art History (AA-T)

Automotive Technology (AS)

  • Automotive Engine and Transmission Service (C-ACH)
  • Automotive Engine Performance Service (C-ACH)
  • Automotive Maintenance Service (C-ACH)
  • Automotive Quick Service (C-ACC)
  • Automotive Quick Service (C-COMPL)


Baking and Pastry Arts (AS)

Biology (AS-T)

Biological Sciences (AS)

Business Administration (AS-T)

Business Administration 2.0 (AS-T)

Business (AA)

  • Business: Accounting (C-ACH)
  • Business: General Business (C-ACH)
  • Business: Global Trade and Logistics (C-ACH)
  • Business: Management (C-ACH)
  • Business: Marketing (C-ACH)
  • Business: Economics (C-ACH)
  • Business: Business Economics (C-ACC)
  • Business: Foundations of Accounting (C-ACC)
  • Business: Foundations of Business (C-ACC)
  • Business: Foundations of International Business (C-ACC)
  • Business: Foundations of Management (C-ACC)
  • Business: Foundations of Marketing (C-ACC)
  • Business: Foundations of Entrepreneurship (C-ACC)
  • Business: Logistics (C-ACC)
  • Business: Money and Banking (C-ACC)
  • Personal Financial Planning (C-ACC)
  • Real Estate Broker (C-ACC)
  • Real Estate Salesperson (C-ACC)
  • Social Media Application Development (C-ACC)
  • DRE Exam Preparation (C-COMPL)

Business Information Worker (AS)

  • Digital and Social Media (C-ACH)
  • Microsoft Essentials (C-ACH)
  • Telecommuting Fundamentals (C-ACH)
  • Business Digital Literacy (C-ACC)
  • Customer Relations Specialist (C-ACC)
  • Computer Hardware Technician (C-COMPL)
  • Office Technologies – Job Search Skills (C-COMPL)
  • Office Technologies – Microsoft Access (C-COMPL)
  • Office Technologies – Microsoft Excel (C-COMPL)
  • Office Technologies – Microsoft Outlook (C-COMPL)
  • Office Technologies – Microsoft PowerPoint (C-COMPL)
  • Office Technologies – Microsoft Word (C-COMPL)
  • Telecommuting Fundamentals (C-COMPL)


Child Development: Early Childhood Education (AS-T)

Child Development: Early Childhood Education (AA)

  • Special Education Paraprofessional (C-ACH)
  • CDECE: Assistant Teacher (C-ACC) 
  • CDECE: Associate Teacher (C-ACC) 
  • CDECE: Family Development (C-ACC) 
  • CD: Permit Specialization Area – Child Health and Safety (C-ACC) 
  • CD: Permit Specialization Area – Children with Exceptional Needs (C-ACC)
  • CD: Permit Specialization Area – Curriculum in Early Childhood Education (C-ACC)
  • CD: Permit Specialization Area – Early Literacy (C-ACC)
  • CD: Permit Specialization Area – Family Child Care (C-ACC)
  • Family Child Care Management (C-COMPL)
  • Parent Educator (C-COMPL)

Child Development: Special Education Assistant (AA)

Cloud Computing (AS)

Commercial Music (C-ACH)

Communication Studies (AA-T)

Communication Studies (AA)

Computer Aided Design – Mechanical (AS)

  • Computer Aided Design – Mechanical, Core Skills (C-ACH)
  • AutoCAD I, Fundamentals (C-ACC)
  • AutoCAD II, Advanced Concepts (C-ACC)
  • AutoCAD III, Visualization, Rendering, Animation (C-ACC)
  • CAD Professional (C-ACC)

Computer Security and Networking (AS)

  • Computer Hardware Technician (C-ACH)
  • Microsoft Windows Networking Technician (C-ACH)
  • UNIX Network Administrator (C-ACH)
  • Computer Network Technician (C-ACC)

Computer Science (AS)

  • Android App Developer (C-ACC)

Computer Support Specialist (AS)

  • Computer Hardware Technician (C-ACH)
  • Customer Relations Specialist (C-ACC)

Computer Technology (AS)

  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals (C-ACC)
  • Computer Information Competency (C-COMPL)
  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals (C-COMPL)

Construction Technology (AS)

  • Construction Apprenticeship Readiness (C-ACH)
  • Home Remodeling (C-ACH)
  • Construction Apprenticeship Readiness (C-COMPL)
  • Forklift Fundamentals (C-COMPL)
  • Home Remodeling (C-COMPL)

Counseling and Student Development (C-COMPE & COMPL)

  • Adult Learning Skills (C-COMPE)
  • Social Competency Skills (C-COMPL)
  • Transitioning to Higher Learning (C-COMPL)

Culinary Arts (AS)


Dance (AS)

Database Management (AS)

  • Database Administrator Specialist (C-ACC)
  • SQL Programmer Specialist (C-ACC)

Design Management (AS)

Diagnostic Medical Imaging (Radiologic Technology) (AS)

  • Computed Tomography (C-ACC)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist (C-ACC)

Digital Design and Publication (AA)

Digital Media Arts (C-ACH)

  • Advanced Photography Digital Media (C-ACH)
  • Comics & Animation (C-ACH)
  • Graphic Design (C-ACH)
  • Multimedia Interaction and Game Design (C-ACH)


Economics (AA-T)

Educational Aide I (C-ACH)

Educational Aide II (C-ACH)

Electrical Technology (C-ACH)

  • Electrical Apprenticeship Preparation (C-ACH)
  • Electrical Program Preparation (C-COMPL)
  • IPC-620 Wire Harness Assembly and Inspection (C-COMPL)

Electrical Technology, Automation Technician (AS)

  • Automation Technician (C-ACH)

Electric Technology, CISCO Certified Network Installation (AS)

  • CISCO Certified Network Installation Associate (C-ACH)
  • Network Cabling Specialist (C-ACC)

Electric Technology, General Industrial Electrician (AS)

  • General Industrial Electrician (C-ACH)

Electrical Technology, High Voltage Test Technician (AS)

  • High Voltage Test Technician (C-ACH)

Electrical Technology, Solar Installation and Maintenance (AS)

  • Solar installation and Maintenance (C-ACH)

Electrical Technology, Traffic Sign Technician (AS)

  • Traffic Signal Technician (C-ACH)

Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T)

Engineering (AS)

Engineering Technology (AS)

  • Engineering Automation Technology (C-ACH)

English (AA-T)

English (AA)

  • English, Creative Writing (AA) 
  • English, Language & Literature (AA)

English as a Second Language (AA)

  • English for Everyday – Level 1 (C-COMPE)
  • English for Everyday – Level 2 (C-COMPE)
  • English for Everyday – Level 3 (C-COMPE)
  • ESL Literary (C-COMPE)
  • ESL Reading for Citizenship (C-COMPE)
  • Intermediate Grammar (C-COMPE)
  • Intermediate Oral Skills (C-COMPE)
  • Intermediate Reading and Writing (C-COMPE)
  • Reading Skills for ESL Students – Level 1 (C-COMPE)
  • Reading Skills for ESL Students – Level 2 (C-COMPE)
  • Reading Skills for ESL Students – Level 3 (C-COMPE)
  • Workplace Language Skills for ESL, Level 1 (C-COMPE)
  • Workplace Language Skills for ESL Level 2 (C-COMPE)
  • Workplace Language Skills for ESL Level 3 (C-COMPE)


Fashion Design (AS)

  • Fashion Design: Custom Apparel Design (C-ACH)
  • Fashion Design: Patternmaker/Technical (C-ACH)
  • Fashion Design: Wardrobe Designer/Stylist (C-ACH)
  • Fashion Design: Advanced Apparel Construction (C-COMPL)
  • Fashion Design: Industrial Sewing and Factory Production (C-COMPL)
  • Fashion Design: Swimwear Construction (C-COMPL)
  • Fashion Design: Textile Surface Design (C-COMPL)

Fashion Merchandising (AS)

Film (AA)

  • Digital Filmmaking (C-ACH)

Film, Television and Electronic Media (AS-T)

Fire Science (AS)

Floral Design (AA)

Foreign Languages (AA)

Foreign Languages, French (C-ACH)

Foreign Languages, Spanish (C-ACH)


Gender and Sexuality Studies (C-ACH)

General Education – CSUGE Breadth (C-ACH)

General Education – IGETC (C-ACH)

Geography (AA-T)

Geology (AS-T)

Global Studies (AA-T)


History (AA-T)

Horticulture (AS)

Hospitality Management (AS-T)

Human Services: Addiction Studies (AA)

Human Services Generalist (AA)


Information Technology and Cyber Security (AS)

Interior Design (AS)


Japanese (AA)

  • Certificate of Achievement, Japanese (C-ACH)

Journalism (AA-T)

Journalism (AA)


Kinesiology (AA-T)

Kinesiology (AA)

  • Personal Trainer (C-ACH)
  • Athletic Coaching (C-ACC)


Learning and Academic Resources (LAR) (C-COMPE)

  • Financial Literacy (C-COMPE)
  • Foundational Skills (C-COMPE)
  • GED Preparation (C-COMPE)
  • GED Preparation Spanish (C-COMPE)
  • TEAS Preparation (C-COMPE)

Library Technician (AS)

  • Information Competency (C-COMPE)
  • Library Technician (C-COMPL)
  • Library Technician Patron Facing (C-COMPL)
  • Library Technician Technical Services (C-COMPL)

Linguistics (AA)


Mathematics (AS-T)

Mathematics (AS)

Medical Assisting (AS)

  • Medical Assisting: Combined Administrative/Clinical (C-ACH)
  • Medical Assisting: Administrative Option (C-ACH)
  • Medical Assisting: Clinical Option (C-ACH)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (C-ACC)
  • Medical Insurance Billing (C-ACC)
  • Phlebotomy (C-ACC)

Metal Fabrication Technology (AS)

  • Robotic Welding Automation (C-ACH)

Music (AA-T)

Music (AA)

  • Commercial Music (C-ACH)


Nursing: LVN to RN (AS)

  • LVN to RN Career Leader – 30 Unit Option (C-ACH)

Nursing: Registered Nursing (AS)

Nursing: Vocational/Practical (AS)

  • Home Health Aide (C-ACC)
  • Nursing Assistant (C-ACC)

Nutrition and Dietetics (AS-T)

Nutrition and Dietetics (AA)

  • Dietetic Service Supervisor (AA)
  • Nutrition Assistant (AS)
  • Dietetic Service Supervisor (C-ACH)
  • Formula Room Technician (C-ACH)
  • Cake Decorating Techniques (C-COMPL)
  • Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) Board Exam Preparation (C-COMPL)


Philosophy (AA-T)

Physical Science (AA/AS)

Physics (AS-T/UCTP)

Political Science (AA-T)

Psychology (AA-T)

Public Health Science (AS-T)


Radio/Television Broadcast News (AA/C-ACH)

Radio/Television Performance (AA)

Radio/Television Production (AA)

Radio/Television Sports Broadcasting (AA)

Reading (C-COMPE & COMPL)


Social Justice Studies (AA-T)

Sociology (AA-T)

Spanish (AA-T)

Spatial Design (Formerly Architectural Design AS)

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Coordinator (C-ACH)
  • ARE Exam Prep (C-COMPL)

Studio Arts (AA-T)


Theatre Arts (AA-T)

Theatre Arts (AA)

  • Theatre – Acting Academy (AA)
  • Show Business – Commercials, Voice-Over, Film Acting (C-ACH)


Web Development (AS)

  • Web Developer (C-ACH)
  • PHP Web Programmer (C-ACH)
  • Android App Developer (C-ACC)

Welding Technology (AS)

  • Gas Tungsten Welding (GTAW) (C-ACH)
  • Semi-Automatic Welding (C-ACH)
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) (C-ACH)
  • Basic Arc Welding (C-COMPL)
  • Basic Gas Tungsten Welding (C-COMPL)
  • Basic Oxy -Acetylene Welding (C-COMPL)
  • Basic Semi-Automatic Welding (C-COMPL)
  • Exploring Welding and Metal Fabrication (C-COMPL)