Art History


Art History

The Art History program at Long Beach City College surveys the multifaceted world of visual artifacts from the earliest human history to the present in diverse cultures around the globe.  Art History is a key humanities course that fulfills a General Education requirement for AA degrees and transfer to 4-year universities. If you want to major in Art History, LBCC offers the Associate Degree for Transfer in Art History. In the 21st century, which is saturated with visual images and demands the skills of creative and critical thinking, the ability to analyze visual culture is imperative.  Art History classes provide students the opportunity to learn these important skills and to explore cultures different than their own.  

Art History focuses on the creativity and innovation of human societies to gain unique insights into the historical, political, religious, economic and aesthetic circumstances that led to the production of many famous masterpieces and iconic monuments. Art is a testament to our shared culture and it enables us to better understand the past and the present. It is a lens through which to examine issues from mythology to monotheism, political leadership, scientific advances, race, gender roles, the environment, and much more.

Full-time faculty are Ph.D. trained art historians Dr. Wendy Koenig and Dr. Sarah Vure.  Professors Koenig and Vure are committed to student centered learning and facilitating students’ academic and career goals.  

Career Opportunities

The AA-T in Art History degree provides lower division major and general education preparation for students interested in transferring to a baccalaureate degree in this field.  Students who pursue the B.A. in art history may continue to graduate school for M.A. or Ph.D. degrees, or find careers in museums, auction houses, art galleries, art publications, libraries, and universities.