Dual Enrollment Student
You're a middle school or high school student and want to take college classes at LBCC

High school students attending LBCC from diverse culture

Welcome Dual Enrollment Students!

LBCC’s Early College Initiative (ECI) offers four early college programs that allow middle and/or high school students to enroll in and receive credit for college courses. These programs include: 

  1. Individual Dual Enrollment 
  2. Early College Pathway Partnership (ECPP)  
  3. Early College @ Browning High School 

For assistance, contact the Early College Initiatives Office.  

STEP 1: Apply to LBCC

First, create an OPENCCC account and complete the online application below for the Summer/Fall or Winter/Spring semester at LBCC.


You will receive a welcome email with your LBCC student ID number approximately 48-72 hours after you apply.

How to Apply to LBCC for Prospective Dual Enrolled Students?

STEP 2: Submit Dual Enrollment Form

Once you receive your Viking ID number, complete and submit the Dual Enrollment Form. Please ensure the form includes guardian and high school signatures.

Submit Dual Enrollment Form

STEP 3: Complete the New Student Orientation

Orientation is required for all new students. Read How to Complete New Student Orientation

(Please note a hold will be placed on your registration until this step is completed.)

STEP 4: Complete the Guided Placement Tool

Your placement will help you determine which Math, English or ESL courses you should register for. 

If your placement is “To Be Determined” you will need to complete the Guided Placement Tool (GPT). Please complete the GPT at least 24 hours before meeting with a counselor.

STEP 5: Meet with a Counselor to Create Educational Plan

Before registering for classes, meet with a counselor to discuss your desired educational goal and create a Student Educational Plan (SEP) to reach it.

(Early College Initiative – ECI)

How to View Educational Plan

If you need assistance, please visit LBCC Counseling Office.

STEP 6: Register for Classes

Now that you’ve completed your education plan, you can register for classes during your registration date & time. 

How to Register for Classes
How to View Registration Appointment
How to Add a Class with an Add Code
How to Email Professor Add Code

View important Registration Dates and Drop Deadlines.

* Please note ECPP now requires students to register themselves

STEP 7: Pay Student Fees

For dual enrollment students, the tuition cost is waived and you are responsible only for student fees and course material costs when applicable.  

If you are taking a class that is part of ECPP or Early College at Browning, your tuition, enrollment fees, and course material costs are all waived.