Program: Communication Studies


Communication Studies

The Department of Communication Studies firmly believes that experiential learning is the most effective means of achieving the lessons of human communication and is dedicated to ensuring that students enter the world better prepared to meet future communication challenges and opportunities.

Career Opportunities

In our Public Speaking, Leadership, and Small Group Communication classes, students develop skills that will promote their success both in future classes and in the world beyond formal education. Courses in Argumentation and Debate teach the important lessons of critical thinking and the fundamentals of effective persuasion. Our Oral Interpretation of Literature courses covers sharing literature through the art of speech. Elements of Interpersonal Communication offer students the essential skills of both building and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Finally, Intercultural Communication allows students to develop their full potential as effective communicators in our rapidly changing multicultural society.

Degrees & Certificates

Communications Studies (AA-T) Curriculum Guide
Communications Studies (AA) Curriculum Guide

Explore the degrees and certificates offered by the Communication Studies program.

Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T), Communication Studies 

Communication is a diverse field of academic and experiential study that is intertwined with all of human life. The field of study deals with both language and thought thus identifying it as central to human existence. Students investigate intrapersonal and interpersonal manifestations such as verbal and nonverbal modes of communication to assist in understanding how culture, demographics, gender, and countless other variables affect the encoding and decoding of sending and receiving messages. The Associate in Arts in Communication Studies for Transfer Degree offers a variety of communication courses designed to expand student’s inquisitive nature that leads to observation and resulting in new theories to be explored. Students who complete this degree will receive priority admission with junior status into the CSU system. 

  • Develop and apply critical thinking and persuasive strategies. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic communication theory. 
  • Formulate and implement effective oral presentations. 

Associate in Arts (AA), Communications Studies 

Students are provided with a general education in the principles, concepts, and methodologies of interpersonal/intercultural/group/leadership communication and informative/persuasive/argumentative/interpretive speaking. 

  • Develop and apply critical thinking and persuasive communication strategies. 
  • Formulate and implement effective oral presentations.