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Baking & Pastry Arts

Do you have a passion for baking? The Baking and Pastry Arts program is an intensive, hands-on program that focuses on the fundamentals of Baking and Pastry principles and techniques. This program prepares you for a career as a baker, pastry cook in hotels, restaurants, bakeries, or even your own home business. It covers a broad variety of topics ranging from bread and pastries to cake and chocolate. The program also includes a student-run Bakery where students receive intensive professional and practical experience.

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Baking & Pastry Arts, Associate in Science (AS)
Advanced Baking & Pastry Arts, Certificate of Achievement (C-ACH)
Baking & Pastry Arts, Certificate of Achievement (C-ACH)

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Course Name  Fall  Winter Spring Summer

BAKE 241
Baking Skills & Principles

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BAKE 242
Pastry Skills & Principles

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Advanced Bakery Operations

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Advanced Bakery Practicum 

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BAKE 246
Specialty Cakes & French Pastries

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BAKE 247
Cake Decorating 

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BAKE 253
Chocolate, Sugar, and Confections 

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BAKE 255 
Plated Desserts

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BAKE 256
Holiday Desserts 

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BAKE 258
Artisan Breads 

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BAKE 259
Viennese Pastries

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Intro to Hospitality

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App Food Service Sanitation in Hotel/Restaurant Management 

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Culinary Skills for Baking Students 

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Being a Baker or Pastry Chef is a very promising and rewarding career. Earning your Associate Degree in Baking & Pastry Arts will prepare you for a successful career as a Baker or a Pastry Cook, or, with experience, as a Cake Decorator, Pastry Chef, Confectioner, or Chocolatier, while our Basic Certificate of Achievement prepares you for entry-level employment in bakeries, pastry shops, hotels, and fine-dining restaurants.

Nationwide, positions for Bakers are projected to increase 10 percent from 2020-2030, which is more than the average for all occupations. Additionally, California has the highest employment level of Bakers in the country, the highest hourly and highest annual mean wage for Bakers in the country, plus the Los Angeles-Orange County metropolitan area has the third highest employment rate for Bakers in the country, making it an ideal location to launch your Baking & Pastry career. 


Start your career as a baker or pastry chef in a hotel or retail bakery.

  • Become an entrepreneur and start up your own home business or catering for special events.
  • Work as a pastry chef in a resort or on a cruise.
  • Find a job in an institutional facility, such as retirement homes and educational facilities.
  • Assistant Pastry Chef
  • Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Owner/Chef
  • Bake Shop Owner/Operator
  • Baking Prep Cook
  • Banquet/Catering
  • Café Owner/Chef
  • Cake Decorator
  • Candy Maker
  • Corporate/Institutional Chef
  • Cruise Ship Chef
  • Executive Pastry Chef
  • Food Media: Print, TV, Digital
  • Food Stylist
  • Food Writer/Editor
  • Home-Based/Cottage Business
  • Hotel Chef
  • Industrial Bakery Production Manager
  • Instructor/Teacher
  • Lead Baker
  • Meal Kit Delivery Service Chef
  • Niche Product Development/Entrepreneurial Product Development
  • Pastry Cook
  • Pastry Shop Owner/Operator
  • Research & Development
  • Resort Chef/Head Baker
  • Restaurant Cook
  • Retail Bakery Team Member\
  • Test Kitchen Technician
To explore potential jobs in this field of study, we strongly urge you to visit LBCC Career Center. Working with a career counselor, we will assess your strengths, skills, interests, and accomplishments to help you identify internship opportunities and career goals that match your educational and professional needs.


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How long does it take to complete the program? 

Depending on the number of units you take and whether you are a full-time or part-time student, completing a certificate program or completing an associate degree program can take about one and a half to two years. 

Make a 30-minute appointment with an academic counselor to receive services in educational plans, transcript evaluation, and career planning.

What type of baking experience do I need to enter the program?

No prior baking experience is required to enter the program.

What if I have food allergy? 

Let your Chef know what types of allergy before your class starts and they will give you more information. 

Do I need to purchase food for the class?

No. Your class material fees will cover all ingredients used in class, and you get to take your projects home for you and your family & friends to enjoy.

How much does the program cost? 

Degrees & Certificates Estimated Cost
A.S. in Baking and Pastry Arts ≈ $4,988
Certificate of Achievement in Baking & Pastry Arts ≈ $1,365
*Fees are subject to change. Please visit Financial Aid for more information on tuition costs and Federal Work Study information.

Who are the Career & Technical Education (CTE) counselors?


Please visit the Counseling Office for Academic Counseling, Career Exploration, Educational Planning, College Transfer, Student Resources, and many others to help you achieve your educational goals.

Will my credits transfer from another institution?

Depending on which institution and the type of class. This will be assessed on an individual basis. Make an appointment with an academic counselor.

For more information, please visit LBCC Transfer Center.

How do I receive my degree or certificate after I finish the coursework?

You will need to complete an application for your degree or certificate and submit that application to the LBCC Admissions & Records office. Read how to apply for graduation and receive your degree or certificate for more details.