Culture & Heritage Communities

Long Beach City College celebrates Asian Pacific Islander Desi (APID) Heritage Month throughout the month of May. The month-long celebration included lectures, discussions, cultural performances, and a virtual graduation celebration highlighting the APID community.


Black Cultural Heritage

Long Beach City College is proud to serve a diverse community with 14% of its student body identifying as Black/African American. Intentional efforts to not only enroll but genuinely serve our Black/African American students have resulted in positive outcomes, reducing equity gaps across many success metrics. At LBCC we recognize that Black/African American students and other identities within the diaspora are an integral part of our community, and we value your unique needs.


Latinx Cultural Heritage

At LBCC we recognize that Latinx students, and the many rich cultures collectively embodied within this umbrella term, are an integral part of our community, and we value your unique needs. There are several resources at LBCC and the larger Long Beach community that can support your personal well-being, academic progress, and social life. Below are a few resources you may find helpful.