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Student Story
A picture of Josie McCausland.

Josie McCausland
Studio Art, Drawing & Painting

“LBCC’s art department has been a huge life changer for me. Students and faculty are completely dedicated to the fine arts. The department has a wonderful space for art shows and sponsors many visit artist talks.”

Student Story
A picture of LBCC student, Erick de Vera.

Erick de Vera
Art, Graphic Design

“My advice for new LBCC students is to come here with a purpose and a positive mindset. I think it’s very important to set goals and to stay motivated to achieve those goals.​”

Student Story
A picture of LBCC student, Reginald Hughes.

Reginald Hughes

“When I don’t have my head in books or fingers on the computer, I really love to volunteer. It brings me joy seeing that I could make a huge impact on people’s lives with just a simple act. “

Student Story
A picture of LBCC student, Mark Demers

Mark Demers
Medical Imaging

There is a very warm atmosphere here compared to the other colleges which felt a little more clinical and isolating which I didn’t think would be good if you’re going into the medical field.

Student Story
A picture of LBCC student, Nestor Montecalvo.

Nestor Montecalvo

The education I received is affordable and has the same level of rigor as a university. LBCC has also given me the freedom to feel out what I wished and wanted to pursue in life.