Film and Film Studies


Film & Film Studies

The Film Program guides students on a path toward transferring to a university and/or career preparation in the media and entertainment industries. Offering two Associates Degrees and one Certificate of Achievement in Digital Filmmaking, the program provides students with the necessary critical and hands-on creative tools to launch their college-level film and media education, while also helping them find the right university for transfer and/or guiding them towards a career.

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Film, TV & Electronic Media, Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T)
Film Production, Certificate of Achievement (C-ACH)
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Cutting-edge Curriculum & Outstanding Facilities

The Film program offers essential, innovative courses at both campuses in Film Studies and Film Production, as well as an introductory screenwriting course. The goal is for students to gain a foundational understanding of the key aesthetic, historical, and industrial concepts of cinema, as well as a fundamental, technical practice in Digital Film Production.

The LAC location includes a 26 station digital MAC lab with Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and After Effects. The PCC location includes a 24 station digital MAC lab, a multi-station large studio for production, along with make-up and dressing areas.


Film Studies and Film Production reach well beyond the usual boundaries of the traditional visual arts to advance students’ critical thinking, creativity, visual literacy, cultural competency, and technical knowledge. Students also learn invaluable writing, research, management, and communication skills that transfer to a variety of professional settings within and outside of the media and entertainment industries. Our program provides partial lower-division preparation for transfer to a baccalaureate degree in this field.

The program has a working relationship with Warner Brothers Discovery. Students who graduate with our Certificate of Achievement in Film Production will be recommended for Warner Brothers Discovery Access to Action Program. If accepted into the program, students would go through their extensive training and once completed, can be hired to work on Warner Brother’s, Discovery, or HBO productions.


Start your career as a professional and/or specialist in the areas below!

Film Production & Post Production

  • Animator 
  • Art Director 
  • Assistant Editor 
  • Boom Operator 
  • Camera Operator 
  • Cinematographer 
  • Colorizing Technician 
  • Digital Media Coordinator 
  • Digital Media Technician 
  • Director  
  • Editor 
  • Electrician 
  • Foley Artist 
  • Grip 
  • Lighting Technician 
  • Logger/Transcriber 
  • Producer  
  • Production Assistant 
  • Production Coordinator 
  • Production Designer 
  • Production Sound Recordist 
  • (Re)Recording Mixer 
  • Screenwriter 
  • Script Supervisor 
  • Sound Editor 
  • Visual/Special Effects Specialist 

Film Education/Festivals/Archivist/Criticism

  • Archivist 
  • Critic 
  • Festival Programmer 
  • Film/Studio Executive 
  • Film/TV/Media Instructor 
  • Film/TV/Digital Media Marketing Specialist 
  • Licensing Specialist 
  • Media Operations & Distribution Specialist 
  • Researcher 
  • Theater Manager 
To explore potential jobs in this field of study, we strongly urge you to visit LBCC Career Center. Working with a career counselor, we will assess your strengths, skills, interests, and accomplishments to help you identify internship opportunities and career goals that match your educational and professional needs.


What schools can I transfer to with the Film AS-T? 

Any CSU Film Program. Those include CSU Long Beach Film, San Diego State, San Francisco State, CSU Northridge, CSU Los Angeles, CSU Fullerton, CSU Los Angeles, and a few others. 

Can I transfer to other Film Schools like UCLA or USC with the Film AS-T?

You will need some but not all of the courses on the AS-T to gain acceptance to the Film programs at UCLA or USC. Our Film faculty are happy to discuss the requirements for those programs or others you might be interested in (ChapmanLoyola Marymount University, NYU, etc). 

Do LBCC graduates find work in the Film industry after they graduate? 

Yes! LBCC Film Program alumni work across the industry in various fields and have worked on Blockbuster films and TV shows like TOP GUN: MAVERICK, BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER, and BARRY and many others.

Are there any work-related courses from the program or training workshops available to develop academic and job skills? 

Yes, we have a work experience course, FILM 70WE, where students can acquire job skills and training that will help them enter the Film industry workforce.