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Business Administration

Do you have aspirations to become a business major and transfer to your dream college or university? You’re certainly not alone.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, business is the most popular bachelor’s degree, accounting for nearly 20% of all undergraduate majors.  Additionally, business is all around us, from  the small coffee shop you frequent before your classes to the major corporations.  If you want to learn more about business, whether you have an idea that you want to create into a business but don’t know where to start or whether you want to move quickly toward earning a bachelor’s degree at a CSU, starting with  an Associate of Science – Transfer degree would be the right move to begin to understand the theories and applications of Business.

Career opportunities

Since this is a transfer-oriented degree, the business aspects of this degree are focused on Accounting, Economics, Law and General Business.

  • Learn the fundamentals of core business functions at LBCC, to help prepare you for transfer.
  • Take advantage of Internship opportunities available for Business majors.
  • Earn Business Certificates while earning your Transfer Degree.


Degrees & Certificates

Explore the degrees and certificates offered by Business Administration Program.

    Associate in Science in Business Administration for Transfer degree (AS-T)

    Plan Code: 5502B/C – The Associate Degree for Transfer in Business Administration offers a variety of business and general education courses. Students who complete this degree will receive priority admission with junior status into the CSU system.


    • Comprehend the primary elements of the language and theories of the business environment and demonstrate an understanding of basic mathematics and technology fundamentals.
    • Use creative and critical-thinking strategies in the solution of complex business situations through the application of business, mathematical, and technological skills.
    • Develop communication and teamwork skills for the purpose of ensuring future personal and professional success.

    Certificate of Accomplishment, Money and Banking

    Plan Code 4144 – The Money & Banking Certificate of Accomplishment will prepare a student to continue toward the attainment of an Associate Degree and/or for an entry-level position in a small/medium-sized business in a financial or banking industry, and in functions such as accounting and budget planning.

    Course offerings

    View courses offered in different semesters to assist in academic plannings.

    Course Name   Fall   Winter Spring Summer

    GBUS 5
    Introduction to Business

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    ACCTG 1A
    Principles of Accounting

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    ACCTG 1B
    Principles of Accounting II

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    ECON 1
    Macro Economic Analysis

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    ECON 1H
    Macro Economics Honors
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    ECON 2
    Micro Economic Analysis

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    ECON 2H
    Micro Economics Honors
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    LAW 18A
    Business Law

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    Course Descriptions