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Do you have a passion for sales? Product development?  Marketing communications? Supply chain management? If yes, than Marketing is a great program for you. 

Marketing is all around us and will never go away.  No matter what the product or service is you have to inform the buyer of why they need your product.  Billboards, TV ads, radio are all important means of communicating information about your product but with the increasing use of digital and social media, marketing efficiently is more important now than it has ever been! 

Careers in Sales, Logistics, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Product Development and More:

  • Start your career in Customer Service, Sales or become a Brand Ambassador
  • Work as a Social Media Marketer or Social Media Analyst
  • You could be a recruiter or professional development coordinator in the logistics field.

Degrees & Certificates

    Associate in arts degree (AA), marketing

    Associate Degree in Marketing consists of the prescribed GE requirements, as well as the required marketing coursework. Students earning this Associate Degree may be prepared to 1) transfer to a baccalaureate degree granting institution in the field of their concentration and/or 2) enter into the workforce at an entry-level position relating to their field of emphasis.

    Program Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Ensure that 85% of all courses meet or exceed their outcome/assessment goals and develop appropriate action plans for continuous improvement.
    • Develop strategies throughout all concentrations/courses to enhance the development of our students’ critical-thinking skills: their ability to reason, ask appropriate questions and make strong decision.
    • Develop assignments and/or exercises to enhance students’ verbal and non-verbal skills: their ability to reflect, write, speak and respond in a personal and professional manner.
    • Improve the level of student success and student retention as well as increase the number of degrees and certificates.
    • develop a strong working relationship with local businesses through the formation of an Industry Council for the purpose of advisement and collaboration in order to ensure that our course offerings are providing our students with the strongest preparation for entering the workforce. Additionally, it would be our goal for this Council to develop strong feelings for LBCC students and to evolve these feelings into actual job opportunities.

    Certificate of Achievement, Marketing

    The Certificate of Achievement in Marketing will prepare a student for advancement into business school at a baccalaureate-degree granting institution and/or for an entry-level position in a small/medium sized business, in functions such as sales, advertising or product development.

    Certificate of Accomplishment, Foundations of Marketing

    The Certificate of Accomplishment in Business:Foundations of Marketing  will prepare a student to continue toward the attainment of a Certificate of Achievement: Marketing, an Associate Degree and/or for an entry-level position in a small/ medium-sized business, in functions such as sales, advertising or product development.

    Certificate of Accomplishment, Social Media Application Development

    The Social Media Application Development Certificate of Accomplishment will prepare students to develop a social media application that can be further developed into a business. Students will understand basic business concepts and theories; learn the different uses of digital and social media, and will be able to design and develop an app. This certificate will give students a complete understanding of Social and Digital Media application development, in order to compete for entry-level jobs.

    Upon completion of this Certificate, a student will have the skills to plan and control business resources, communicate with and lead people in the organization on the functions of different social media platforms, plan and control informational and technological resources and, finally, unite these skills into the development of social media applications for an organization to compete in the New Economy.

    Course offerings

    Course Name   Fall   Winter Spring Summer

    MKTG 40


    MKTG 41
    Marketing Communications


    MKTG 47
    Essentials of Marketing


    GBUS 25
    Digital and Social Media