Guided Pathways


The Guided Pathways Framework

Guided pathways strategy involves integrating academic programs and support services to help achieve four main objectives:

  1. Mapping pathways to student end goals.
  2. Helping students choose and enter a program pathway.
  3. Keeping students on their pathway to completion.
  4. Ensuring that students are learning throughout their programs.

Guided pathways reforms entail major changes in college practices and culture. Rather than scale up discrete programmatic interven­tions, guided pathways require that colleges redesign academic programs and student supports for all certificate- and degree-seeking students. The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) is leading a signature initiative to support adoption of guided pathways at colleges across the country.

Efforts to implement guided pathways at scale statewide across two-year colleges have been launched in California and LBCC is part of the inaugural class.  The California Guided Pathways Project is a practitioner-driven effort that allows colleges to weave together current reform initiatives into an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success.

LBCC has also embedded guided pathways objectives into the 2016-2022 Strategic Plan for Transformational Improvement.  This plan is the result of more than a year of thoughtful analysis, engaged and impassioned dialogue, and collective dedication of hundreds of faculty, staff, and students.