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Strategic Plan Objectives:

1.9  Use technology to ensure that all students guided into a pathway receive automated notifications that are timely and personalized based on progress toward their educational and career goals.
4.10  Design and develop student service and support department communication tools and resources that more effectively direct, focus, and motivate students while making students feel both nurtured and empowered.
4.12  Redesign the college website utilizing user-centered design and establish processes for maintaining content currency and ease of navigation. Expand the use of the Learning Management System to support learning in all courses.
4.14  Continue to invest in a comprehensive business process review and implement technology and process improvements that are informed by efficiency benchmarks and by user-centered design.
4.17  Expand the student portal to provide students with access to integrated and dynamic information about college and community resources and supports, help them keep track of their progress against key milestones, and provide them with timely and personalized messages to keep them on track through the completion of their goals.

Accreditation Standards

3C.1  Technology services, professional support, facilities, hardware, and software are appropriate and adequate to support the institution’s management and operational functions, academic programs, teaching and learning, and support services.
3C.2  The institution continuously plans for, updates and replaces technology to ensure its technological infrastructure, quality and capacity are adequate to support its mission, operations, programs, and services.


Business Process Reviews — In collaboration with Academic Affairs, Student Services, Administrative Services, and Human Resources, continue with the Business Process Reviews.
PeopleSoft Development — In collaboration with Academic Affairs, Student Services, Administrative Services, and Human Resources, continue developing solutions within PeopleSoft that meet the needs of the college.
Web development — 
Guided Pathways — Technology will take a key role as the college shifts to providing students with a set of career choices with linked course-taking patterns and integrated student services.