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Strategic Plan Objectives:

1.9  Use technology to ensure that all students guided into a pathway receive automated notifications that are timely and personalized based on progress toward their educational and career goals.
4.10. Design and develop student service and support department communication tools and resources that more effectively direct, focus, and motivate students while making students feel both nurtured and empowered.
4.12  Redesign the college website utilizing user-centered design and establish processes for maintaining content currency and ease of navigation. Expand the use of the Learning Management System to support learning in all courses.
4.14  Continue to invest in a comprehensive business process review and implement technology and process improvements that are informed by efficiency benchmarks and by user-centered design.
4.17  Expand the student portal to provide students with access to integrated and dynamic information about college and community resources and supports, help them keep track of their progress against key milestones, and provide them with timely and personalized messages to keep them on track through the completion of their goals.

Accreditation Standards

3C.1  Technology services, professional support, facilities, hardware, and software are appropriate and adequate to support the institution’s management and operational functions, academic programs, teaching and learning, and support services.
3C.2  The institution continuously plans for, updates and replaces technology to ensure its technological infrastructure, quality and capacity are adequate to support its mission, operations, programs, and services.


  1. Continue to work with student serving and administrative departments to streamline processes and reduce student lines, and automate manual processes to reduce staff time and errors
    1. Implement the Nelnet payment system.
    2. Integrate student payments within HighPoint portal.
    3. Secure approval and implement payment plans for student enrollment fees.
    4. Implement electronic bills.
    5. Re-engineer the drop-for-non-payment process including clear consistent communication.
    6. Review registration processes required to move up registration dates to October for spring registration and April for fall registration. [EM]
    7. Streamline the graduation application process. [EM]
    8. Implement the QLess queue management application to minimize student lines and wait times.
    9. Implement CampusLogic to streamline financial aid document collection.
  2. Support the college’s efforts as we move towards a Guided Pathway strategy
    1. Reviewing the Degree Audit system and make improvements as required. [SEP, EM]
    2. Reverse engineer degree audit and inform students when they successfully complete certificates or degrees. [SEP,EM]
    3. Assist student service departments with communication to “nudge” students to stay on their path. [EM, SEP]
    4. Provide transcript evaluation for incoming students who have prior college credit.
    5. Update website and related web applications to allow students to intuitively explore career pathways, integrated with our roadmaps and meta-majors.
    6. Support the Curriculum Committee and Academic Services as they select and implement Catalog and Program management software.
  3. Review and determine projects necessary to increase Adult Education.
    1. Reengineer our PeopleSoft student system to better support non-credit courses.
    2. Update website and related web applications to increase the presence of non-credit courses.
    3. Develop reporting system to satisfy compliance requirements.
  4. In order to maintain security and optimal levels of service to students, update PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and stay up-to-date with tools and apply bundle updates.
    1. Upgrade PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to the 9.2 platform.
    2. Maintain regular PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.0 bundle update schedule.

[EM]: Enrollment Management Plan
[SEP]: Student Equity Plan