Reliable Infrastructure Initiative Progress


I. In accordance with the 2041 Facilities Master Plan, replace technology according to the determined replacement cycle. The replacement cycle includes the following equipment:

  2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021
Media equipment in classrooms, labs, and meeting rooms.      
Computers in classrooms and teaching stations.      
Computers for permanent positions and computers designated for part-time faculty.      
Data Center equipment including servers, storage, UPS, backup system, communication systems, and the network.      

II. In order to provide location services for E911, migrate communication services to SIP Lines and implement Emergency Notification system via phones.

III. In order to maintain security and optimal levels of service to students and staff, upgrade central communication services on a routine schedule, including email and Skype for Business.

IV. Build in support mechanisms as academic departments incorporate adaptive software into the curriculum.

V. When procuring new technology, consider cloud technology where appropriate.