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Student Highlights
A picture of LBCC student, Denise Jones.

Denise Jones

LBCC has helped shape me into my best self from the encouragement and involvement of my teachers. Their leadership awakened my oldest and deepest desire to be a writer and journalist.

Student Highlights
A picture of Cindy Macias.

Cindy Macias
Child Development

LBCC is a place I feel comfortable at. I like being as involved as I am and giving back and working towards a common goal with my peers. I learn to appreciate everyone I work with despite how different we are.

Student Highlights
A picture of Martin Saldana.

Martin Saldana
Political Science

LBCC means opportunity for me. Whether you are a freshmen student looking for an AA, transfer or a student that is looking to build an educational background or career LBCC has many pathways leading to success.