Viking Voices

A picture of Antonio Ruiz.

Antonio Ruiz

“LBCC offers me a platform and an environment to succeed. From my professors to my advisor to my fellow students, I have felt welcomed, challenged, and supported.”

A picture of Sara Hawbaker.

Sarah Hawbaker

“For me, LBCC has been somewhere I was able to pursue my goals and test my abilities. Also, I love the diversity of its student body.”

Student Highlights
A picture of LBCC student, Clara Ure

Clara Ure

“The courses I’ve taken at LBCC have challenged me to dig deeper in my understanding of myself and my place in the world.”

Student Highlights
A picture of Josie McCausland.

Josie McCausland
Studio Art

“LBCC’s art department has been a huge life changer for me. Students and faculty are completely dedicated to the fine arts. The department has a wonderful space for art shows and sponsors many visit artist talks.”

Student Highlights
A picture of LBCC student, Erick de Vera.

Erick de Vera
Art, Graphic Design

“My advice for new LBCC students is to come here with a purpose and a positive mindset. I think it’s very important to set goals and to stay motivated to achieve those goals.​”