Authorize dates are on Monday and BankMobile dates are on Fridays unless otherwise specified. The dates referenced are subject to change depending on when BankMobile receives funds from your school and your selected refund preference. For more information, please visit the Refund Choices section on the BankMobile website.

Disbursement Schedule, 2019-20
Disbursement Schedule, 2020-21
Disbursement Schedule, 2021-22

Financial Aid Census Date

Beginning with the Fall 2021 term, the Financial Aid Office will implement a “Financial Aid Census Date” to correspond with the Admissions Census Date for the 12-week session. For Fall 2021, that date will be October 12, 2021.

Students who register for LBCC prior to October 12,2021 will need to be enrolled in all courses on or before the Financial Aid Census Date for those courses to be included in their Financial Aid award calculation. All courses enrolled in after this date will not count toward their Financial Aid eligible units.

Students who register for LBCC after the Financial Aid Census Date will receive credit for all courses enrolled in at the time of their initial packaging for Financial Aid.

If a student adds additional courses after the Census Date, the student can contact the Financial Aid Office to explore if additional financial assistance is available.