How Much Does College Cost?

Sometimes as a student, all of the different costs of college can be confusing. How much are enrollment fees? What other fees do I have to pay? What’s the total cost of attending college? We’ve provided all of this information for you below so you will always know upfront what your fees pay for and how much they cost.

The following fees apply to any student attending LBCC who meets California Residency Requirements. Please note that all tuition and fees are subject to change.

Residency Requirements

Every student applying to a California community college must be classified as a resident or nonresident. Resident fees are reduced through support from the taxpayers of this community college district and the state of California. Nonresidents are required to cover the full costs of their student fees and therefore pay a higher rate. This section is designed to help define the difference between resident and nonresident status and how to apply for residency if you feel you are eligible for reclassification and a reduced tuition through the adoption of Assembly Bill (AB) 540.


Enrollment Fees
Types of Student Enrollment Fees

Enrollment fees are based on your residency status which is based on California Residency Requirements. The final determination regarding residency status is made by the LBCC Admissions & Records Office. Some fees (enrollment and student health) are determined by the State of California and are subject to change without notice.