Faculty Professional Development


FPD Technical Support

Internet Explorer and Firefox are the preferred webinar browsers to view webinars. 

Innovative Educators uses WebEx as its web conferencing provider. If you have not previously attended a WebEx event, please go to http://www.webex.com/lp/jointest/to make sure your computer is compatible with WebEx.  Be sure to complete this test prior to the live conference. If you have any technical questions about the webinars, call Innovative Educators at 303-955-0415.


FPD Department Heads

Please send a scanned or printed copy of the sign-in sheet and agenda for the Fall Flex Day department meeting to fpd@lbcc.edu or mail code Y-8. Flex credit may be requested for meetings held in addition to three required department meetings per semester.


FPD Committees

Faculty Professional Development Office

The Faculty Professional Development Office has developed a strong peer oversight of all the professional development for faculty at Long Beach City College. We have seven subcommittees, plus the more independent Sabbatical Committee and a collaborative partnership with the Instructional Technologies Development Center. Each of the seven subcommittees offers a specific function to ensure the faculty professional development activities meet the current needs of faculty and are of a high quality.


FPD Flex Information

The college has three days in the college calendar that are devoted to faculty professional development. During these three days, classes are cancelled and the entire day is devoted to professional development for faculty. Activities on these days include department planning in the fall and workshops on a wide variety of topics in the spring. In addition, faculty may choose to do independent projects or group projects (within their department or campus-wide). For the independent and group projects, faculty must submit a Flex Proposal to the Flex Subcommittee for approval.


FPD Conference Information

travel authorization form must be completed for each conference for which you are requesting funds. Please use the current form; old forms will be returned to the applicant.     

Your request must be received by the grant source office at least 30 days before your date of travel. Prepayment cannot be guaranteed for applications not submitted within this time frame.