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Alumni Hall of Fame

Nominations for the 2020 LBCC Alumni Hall of Fame are now being accepted. If you would like to nominate a Long Beach City College alumni, please complete the nomination form and return it with a letter of nomination and supporting documentation such as curriculum vitae, newspaper articles and organizational affiliations to Paula Barrow no later than Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

Hall of Fame nominations for 2020 are now closed.  Thank you for your submissions.

A picture of Fidel Aguayo.

Fidel Aguayo
Assistant City Treasurer, City of Long Beach

Fidel is the Assistant City Treasurer for the City of Long Beach. He plays a vital financial leadership role that ensures funding for the City’s capital projects and infrastructure improvements. His direct responsibilities have a significant impact on the City’s economy and long-term financial condition. As Assistant City Treasurer, he oversees the City’s $3 billion debt portfolio consisting of 44 outstanding bond transactions issued on behalf of the Airport, Gas and Oil, Marinas, Port, and Utility System.

A picture of Chan Hopson.

Chan Hopson
Executive Director, Khmer Parent Association

Chan is a former teacher who co-founded the Khmer Parent Association and has served as its volunteer Executive Director since 1995. She has established numerous events, forums, and training in Long Beach dealing with health, inter-generational communication, and employment issues in the Cambodian community. Chan is also the founder of the South-East Asian Scholarship, which has been presenting annual awards to 15 graduating high school seniors for the past 25 years. She has provided over 10,000 volunteer hours to St.

A picture of Roger Kemp

Roger Kemp
Retired Municipal CEO

Roger has been a City Manager for the cities of Seaside, CA; Placentia, CA; Clifton, NJ; and Meriden, CT. While working full-time in the Office of the City Manager for the City of Oakland, CA he attended school in the evening to earn his Ph.D. He taught graduate seminars at leading universities including the University of California, California State University, Golden Gate University, Rutgers University, Farleigh Dickinson University, University of Connecticut, and the University of New Haven. He wrote, edited, and was a contributing author to nearly 50 books dealing with cities.

A picture of Chuck Martucci.

Chuck Martucci
Community Services Manager, City of Lakewood

Chuck is the Community Services Manager for the City of Lakewood, where he has worked for the past 39 years. In 1992, he organized Lakewood’s first Special Olympics program and, in 1995, established the city’s first Teen Program at the Lakewood Youth Center. In 2000, he was honored as the Special Olympics Volunteer Coach of the Year for Southern California. In 2018, Chuck coached the Lakewood Dirtbags to a silver medal in the Special Olympics USA Games Softball Tournament.

A picture of Edwina Romero.

Edwina Romero
Author, Historian

Edwina is a prolific author of fiction, poetry, and historical works largely centered around Las Vegas, NM. She worked at California State University, Dominguez Hills until 1981, when she moved to New Mexico and began attending a graduate program at New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU). She later earned her PhD in English at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque while teaching at NMHU.