Academic Senate


Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is the primary voice of the faculty in promoting effective participation in the decision-making process of college-wide academic and professional matters.  

Elected by faculty-at-large from their respective campuses, senators and alternates serve three-year terms and work to take part in debates, to make motions, to write resolutions in an effort to help steer decision making.

The passage of AB 1725 in 1988 confirmed the Academic Senate’s role as the college’s primary voice in academic and professional matters. The Long Beach Community College Academic Senate affirms its commitment to a broad and inclusive vision of collegial consultation in these matters. 

Our standing committees and sub-committees also address areas identified by Title 5, Section 53200 and work in tandem with the Academic Senate for the benefit of our students. 

The Academic Senate is a representative body, and we actively solicit your input and questions. Please contact us through our website or by contacting any current Academic Senator. All Long Beach City College faculty enjoy the right to attend and address meetings of the Academic Senate and to be full voting members of the Senate’s standing committees.

The Offices of the Academic Senate, Committee on Curriculum and Instruction, and Faculty Professional Development have moved! We are now located in Bldg. T-1021 on the Liberal Arts Campus.