Computer Name

Use the following instructions to determine the name, manufacturer, and model of your computer.

Need Help?

If you have difficulty finding the information above, please call the HelpDesk at x4357 and someone will walk you through the process.


If you have a PC, you can find your computer information as follows.

  • Click on the Start button at the lower left hand of your screen, type “msinfo32″ without the quotes and hit the Enter key.
    Start Button
  • The following System Information window will appear. Please record the three items highlighted in blue below; System Name (computer name), System Manufacturer and System Model.
    System Information Window


If you have an Apple desktop or laptop computer, you can find your computer information as follows.

  • Click on the Apple icon at the top left of the screen
  • Select About This Mac to open the following window.
    About This Mac Window
  • Click on the System Report button to open the following window.
  • Record the Model Identifier highlighted below — iMac8,1 in this example.
    Mac Model Identifier
  • Scroll down, and select Network > Locations.
  • Record the Computer Name highlighted below — O1-217-SV-IMAC in this example.
    Mac NetBIOS Name
  • Close the System Report and About This Mac windows.