Requesting an eQuote

Requesting an eQuote
If you need to purchase a computer or printer, please enter an ITS Service Request in the ticket system at https://ticketsystem.lbcc.edu. Please enter your request under the Desktop Support category as an eQuote for Computer/Printer as shown below.

 eQuote Request in Ticket System

Once ITS has emailed you the eQuote, create a Requisition in PeopleSoft and attach the eQuote with the requisition.  If you have questions regarding this procedure, please contact Mireille Hernandez at Ext 4542.

Where’s My Stuff?

To determine whether your PO has been created by purchasing or received by the warehouse, you can log into PeopleSoft and check its status. If you need a refresher, you can review this process in the document titled LBC Request Status.

The warehouse will contact you once your order has been delivered. If you find your item(s) is marked “received” in PeopleSoft but you have not heard from the warehouse, please contact them with the PO number and they will verify its status.

If your PO has not been received and you would like an update, please contact the purchasing department and they will look into it for you.

When is it Getting Installed?

When you get confirmation from the warehouse that your item(s) has arrived, please create a ticket at http://ticketsystem.lbcc.edu for installation. Make sure to include the PO number, so ITS can retrieve the correct item(s) from the warehouse.

Please create one ticket per person for each group of items(s).

For example, if you ordered five printers, please create one ticket per printer under each recipient’s name*. This helps each recipient track and manage their own installation, and helps ITS better manage and evaluate its workload.

Once the ticket is generated, an ITS technician will get to your request as soon as possible