Grants Office


Grants Office

The Grants Office collaboratively supports the creation of competitive grant proposals through the following services provided to faculty, staff, and administrators: 

  • Identify potential funding sources in alignment with institutional needs 
  • Coordinate across college constituencies  
  • Support proposal composition and editing based on information provided by content experts 
  • Ensure proposal adherence to institutional policies and priorities 
  • Support development of accurate budgets that align with funder’s guidelines 
  • Provide guidance on the completion of pre-award forms 
  • Coordinate with LBCC Foundation, if applicable

Individuals are not able to apply for grants on behalf of the College. 

If an individual faculty or staff member submits a proposal, by law they are fiscally liable for any amount awarded. 

If you have an idea that needs funding or grant opportunity you would like to pursue, please fill contact the Grants Office as soon as possible to ensure feasible completion of the grant and send it to Adrienne Kibler, Grants Research Analyst.