Human Services Addiction Studies


Human Services Addiction Studies

The Human Services Addiction Studies program prepares students for careers in the helping professions, may prepare students for the first two years of their transferable Human Services education and enhance the skills of persons already employed in this field. In addition, students will be provided with several personal/ interpersonal skills needed to live healthy lives and deal with the stressful demands of daily living.

The Human Services Addiction Studies program at Long Beach City College is a clinical program that provides students with the opportunity to fulfill state-approved certification requirements of California for job placement and workforce development.

Accreditation Statement & Contact Info

The Human Services Addiction Studies program at LBCC is accredited by the California Association of Alcohol & Drug Educators, 5230 Clark Ave., Lakewood, CA 90702, 707-722-2331.

Our Accreditation status with the California Association of Alcohol & Drug Educations (CAADE) can be confirmed by viewing the November 8, 2017 Addiction Counselor Certification Board of California’s letter of accreditation. The college’s accreditation status is currently confirmed through October 26, 2022.

CAADE LBCC Accreditation Letter


Students learn the skills and knowledge necessary to transfer to upper-division programs in Social Work, Psychology, Behavior Analysis, Health and Human Services. Upon completion of the program students become eligible to work as Addiction Treatment Counselors in treatment facilities.  

  • The Associate Degree will prepare students for an entry-level position in the human services/alcohol and drug treatment field and for career advancement for those already employed in these occupations.
  • The Certificate of Achievement will prepare students for an entry-level position in the alcohol/drug treatment field. This certificate fulfills the California Association of Alcohol & Drug Studies (CAADE) and the California Association of Alcohol & Drug Studies Abuse Counselors (CAADAC) academic and work experience requirements. Additional work experience plus passing their test will lead students to become Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC).

Start your career as a professional and/or specialist in the area below!

  • Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC)
  • CATC I with College Certificate
  • CATC II with AA Degree
  • CATC III with Bachelor’s Degree
  • CATC IV with Master’s Degree
  • CATC V with Doctorate Degree
  • Addiction Treatment Counselors
  • Case Manager
  • Entry Level Supervisor
  • Intake Specialists
  • Program Managers
  • Social Worker

Degrees & Certificates

Associate in Arts (AA), Human Services Addiction Studies

Human Services: Addiction Studies (AA + Cert.) Curriculum Guide

Certificate of Achievement, Human Services Addiction Studies

Human Services: Addiction Studies (AA + Cert.) Curriculum Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Addiction Studies Program at LBCC accredited?

Yes. We are an accredited program by the California Association for Drug and Alcohol Educators (CAADEE).

How long is the duration of the program?

Approximately two years.

Where can I find information on the program required courses, prerequisite courses, and field work classes?

Please refer to College Catalog for program courses information.

Can I take the Fieldwork courses at the same time in one semester?

NO. The Fieldwork courses each must be completed in one full semester. 

Where can I complete my hours?

In the facilities that will be provided by the college on the official “site list”.

When do I need to register as an intern with a certifying agency?

At least four to five weeks prior to enrolling in first Field work class.

When can I take the state exam?

Upon the successful completion of the last fieldwork class.

Are there professional opportunities once I graduate from this program?

Yes! Majority of our students become employed during their internships or shortly after the graduation.

In what field can I continue my higher education post-graduation from LBCC?

There are numerus options, such as: Clinical Psychology/MFT, Psychotherapy, Social Work, Human Services, Public Health, Behavioral Health Sciences, and much more.