Online Student Readiness

On this page, you can find many resources to support you in your online learning journey. Whether you’re taking one class online, or are taking many classes, these tools are designed to help bolster student success in the online program here at LBCC.

Get ready for successful online learning with Quest 3.0

Quest for Online Learning Success provides both new and experienced online learners with an opportunity to understand the challenges of online learning, and to develop the requisite knowledge and skills needed to be successful in online courses at LBCC. 

Quest 3.0 is free and is located in Canvas. You will find three separate learning modules that are ungraded so you can learn as you go without worry. You can do all three modules to fully complete Quest 3.0 or choose them individually to meet your needs.

As you finish each module, you will earn a badge. If you complete all modules and the final assessments, you will earn the full Quest 3.0 badge.

You can start anytime. Click the following link to self-enroll and begin the online learning readiness journey: Quest 3.0 for Online Learning Student Success

Online Learning Unofficial Badge Module 1

Online Learning Unofficial Badge Module 2

Online Learning Unofficial Badge Module 3

Online Learning Completion Unofficial Badge

Online Learning Readiness Resources

Listed below are several resources for students new to Online Learning to prepare for and succeed in a fully online or partially online/hybrid course. 

Successful Online Learning Videos

The following videos are packed with tips, lessons, and support to provide you the best possible start to online learning.