The Assessment Cycle

Assessment is the continuous process of collecting, evaluating, and using the information to determine how well learning expectations are being met. The purpose of this process is to use these results, positive or negative, to stimulate meaningful dialogue about how instruction and curriculum may be modified to effectively engage students in the learning process and sustain institutional effectiveness (i.e., the college‚Äôs ability to meet its mission and values).

The outcomes assessment process at LBCC has been designed as a continuous loop of self-reflection and assessment in order to bring about meaningful change to student learning and services. The outcomes assessment process enables each department to evaluate its current and future goals and needs, as well as enables each program to plan strategies to serve its students and clients. Continuous improvement builds on existing efforts to improve student performance and optimize client experiences. Thus, it is imperative to continue the dialogue and revise outcomes assessment efforts as necessary to ensure that student and client needs are being met.

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