Distance Learning

LBCC’s Online Learning Program (OLP) is dedicated to supporting teaching and learning, as well as enhancing student engagement, achievement, & academic success.

Types of Online Learning Courses at LBCC

Here at LBCC, Online Learning refers to three types of courses:

  • Fully Online: a course that meets 100% Fully Online
  • Hybrid: a course that meets partially in a Classroom & Online
  • Web-Enhanced: a face-to-face course that meets 100% in a Classroom yet also uses the LMS.

The Fully Online and Hybrid courses are also known as Distance Learning Courses.  The Web-Enhanced courses are regular Face-to-Face classes in which your instructor uses online tools (like our LMS) as additional resources for students

Tips for students new to Online Learning

Below are a few nice videos from Arizona State University and the University of Houston providing some tips to students taking Distance Learning (Hybrid and Full Online) Courses. Although the videos are for their University’s Online Programs, the lessons and tips hold true for our LBCC Online Learning Program.

Distance LearningDistance Learning