Research Assitance


Request Research Consultations

Whether you are a student seeking research assistance or a professor who wants their students to engage with librarians, there are three main ways you can work one-on-one with an LBCC Librarian.


Library Workshops

The Library offers online workshops and a flexible schedule for one-on-one research consultations.” Faculty can assign workshops to their students, who earn badges that demonstrate their mastery with everything from fake new to research strategies.


Information Competency

LBCC’s General Education Pattern Plan A has a graduation proficiency for Information Competency. Information Competency is more than just critical thinking, reading literacy, and rote memorization. Its definitions and interpretations have been refined over the years by numerous educational stakeholders and librarians. At LBCC, the librarians have designed a suite of credit and noncredit courses that are designed to impart students with information competency skills.