Multidisciplinary Success Centers

The Multidisciplinary Success Centers strive to contribute to the success of all Long Beach City College students by providing quality learning assistance. Basically, we aim to help students succeed, and our services are free! 

We have a staff of Instructional Specialists and qualified tutors ready to help, at both the LAC and PCC, during all center hours.  Explore the many services we offer to find the right one for your needs!

Final exam review – math

Final Exam Review Math 130

PCC Final Exam Review Schedule

PRINT and bring the Practice Final with you to the Final Exam Review.
FREE 2-hour Review, a tutor will be working through each problem on the practice final test.
Please note the Final Exam Review DOES NOT satisfy the Supplemental Learning Assistance (SLA) Requirement for your course.

Sign up today at the PCC Multidisciplinary Center (EE-206) or call 562-938-3264!

*Math 130 Part 1 = Questions 1-17 on the Practice Final
**Math 130 Part 2 = Questions 18-35 on the Practice Final