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The front door of the Counseling office.

In accordance with Long Beach City College policy and to provide students with the best counseling service, children will not attend a counseling appointment.  Additionally, children will not be left unsupervised in the counseling reception area.

If the following policy cannot be adhered to, your appointment will be rescheduled. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Preparing for Your Counseling Appointment

Counselors are here to provide you with the best quality service possible. To do so, it is important to prepare before your scheduled appointment so you have the best experience and meet your academic needs. The following is a checklist of items that should be completed before scheduling your first appointment.

  • Complete the Math, English, and Reading assessment tests.
  • Submit any official transcripts from other colleges and universities to Admissions & Records.
  • Confirmation from LBCC regarding evaluation results from transcripts received from other colleges or universities.
  • Submit Advanced Placement (AP) scores to Admissions & Records.
  • Select a major or career option.
  • Have a list of possible transfer universities you would like to attend.

One of the most important things before going into your counseling appointment is to have a list of questions to ask your counselor. Some general questions to ask are as follows:

  • What credit do I get for my Advanced Placement (AP) scores?
  • How do I request an official evaluation of my other college transcripts?
  • What is CSU certification and how do I apply for it?
  • When do I apply for my Associate Degree?
  • When do I apply to transfer to another college?
  • What is my GPA?
  • How long will it take me to get my degree?
  • When should I follow up with another counseling appointment?
  • What services (on or off-campus) would you recommend for me?

By having a set of questions beforehand, it gives your counselor an opportunity to provide more detailed information to help you in your academic pursuits. 

“No Show” Attendance Policy

If you miss two counseling appointments within 6 months without canceling at least two hours prior to your scheduled appointment, you cannot make another individual 30-minute appointment until you are cleared. In order to be cleared, you will need to speak to a counselor during a 10-minute express counseling time (No educational plan will be developed).

Note: You are also considered a no-show if you check in more than 10 minutes past your scheduled appointment time.

If you need to cancel your counseling appointment, you have three options:

  1. Cancel your appointment online.
  2. Contact the Counseling Department and leave a message with your name and LBCC Student ID number.
  3. Come into the Counseling Office at either campus and cancel the appointment in person.

Book or cancel an appointment

  1.  To book or cancel an appointment, you must first log into the SARS-GRID Online Appointment System for either a LAC Counseling AppointmentPCC Counseling Appointment, or schedule to attend an Educational Planning Workshop with your Student ID number and date of birth.
  2. Enter your Student ID number and date of birth and click Continue.
  3. From the Counseling Appointment menu, choose View or Cancel Appointments.
  4. Click the Cancel box and then check OK. On the following screen, highlight Cancellation requested by Student and then click Continue.
  5. Your counseling appointment is now canceled. You can proceed to make a new appointment if you need to reschedule the appointment for another date.