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Mohammad Araeipour
Professor, Math & Engineering

I have always felt passionate and motivated about teaching, education, and the role it plays in shaping an individual’s future as well as the future of society as a whole. It became apparent to me at an early age, as a kid when I used to tutor my fellow students in various subjects, that I enjoy teaching.


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Pablo Bert
Professor, Math & Engineering

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Like many young people, when I graduated from high school I was confused about my place in the world. I wasn’t sure if college was for me, and took a few years off school in order to figure things out. It wasn’t until I took a few local community college math classes that I began to see the value of higher education and was able to form a plan for my future. From my local community college, I was able to transfer to UCLA and received a BS and MA in pure mathematics.

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Christine Charles-Bohannon
Associate Professor, Math & Engineering

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Math has always been my strongest and favorite subject. I began my collegiate studies at UCLA, where I earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering and gained a new appreciation for college academia through tutoring and my own studies. After undergrad, I decided to pursue my true passion and applied to graduate school at CSULB, where I successfully earned a degree in Applied Mathematics. There, I had my first experience with my own classroom and I have been hooked ever since!

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Rachel Coleman
Associate Professor, Math & Engineering

My interest in mathematics and problem solving led me to a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Following graduation, I worked for 15 years as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace and flow control industries. I followed my interest in mathematics and continued my education at CSU Fullerton obtaining a master’s degree in Mathematics where I also discovered my passion for teaching.

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Cindy Enrigue
Associate Professor, Math & Engineering

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I have been teaching at LBCC since 2015.  I enjoy teaching the diverse student body at the community college level because I relate to them on a personal level.  I am the underrepresented minority, low-income, first-generation, non-native English speaker, and community college transfer student. Both my parents are from a small farming town in Mexico and raised me in Santa Barbara with a limited understanding of higher education. My B.A. is in pure math from UC Berkeley and M.S. is in applied math from CSU Channel Islands.

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Kristin Hartford
Professor, Math & Engineering

I moved to California from Pennsylvania to accept a job at LBCC in 2000. Previously, I taught high school math and computer science in Stony Brook, New York, math and computer science at the International School of the Hague in the Netherlands, and undergraduate math courses at Penn State. ​​

Helping students reach their education goals, especially regarding completing statistics, is my passion.


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Jong Kim
Professor, Math & Engineering

A picture of Jong Kim.

I have always been a fan of solving math-related problems. I knew as soon as I have in contact with Physics in my freshman year at USC, this is my passion. I felt obsessed with seeking out unknown. One thing led me to major in Math and Physics. Later I decided to take more science classes such as Astronomy and Chemistry. My passion led me to seek out more education in Math and Physics in graduate schools. I did further studies at UCLA. There I fell in love with teaching. Many highly motivated students at USC and UCLA led to teaching at college level. It has been almost 20 years.

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Nancy Mahan
Associate Professor, Math & Engineering

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I graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics at University of California, Irvine, and M.S. in Applied Mathematics at California State University of Long Beach. I have taught college mathematics at UC Irvine, Cal State Long Beach, Santa Ana College, Long Beach City College, and 3 online schools across the nation.

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Mehdi Mirfattah
Professor, Math & Engineering

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I am a tenured Professor with the Mathematics and Engineering Department at Long Beach City College since fall 1999. My degrees and experience in Mathematics and Engineering helped me to develop and implement the first online and hybrid courses in the Math department at Long Beach City College in the Fall of 1999. Consequently, I was approached by several colleges to collaborate and establish a web-enhanced course for them. This led to the start of the first online Math classes at East and West Los Angeles college as well.

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Jair Nepomuceno
Associate Professor, Math & Engineering

A picture of Jair Nepomuceno.

My name is Jair, but most of my students call me Professor J. Since graduating from the University of California Santa Cruz, I knew I always wanted to teach math at the community college level. I take so much pride in being a full-time instructor for Long Beach City College (LBCC) because I was once a student here taking some of my general education courses. Also, it is pretty awesome to see the growth of LBCC, especially when I can say that the building my office is currently located in was once the parking lot that I would park in when I was a student.

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Ratanamumy Ngo
Professor, Math & Engineering


  • Harvey Mudd College, Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics
  • Claremont Graduate School, Master of Science, Applied Mathematics

Professional Interests: Statistical Learning Theory, Machine Learning, Distributed Computing, Operating Systems

Current Projects: Parking guidance, Traffic monitoring and modeling, Software/online math tutoring system

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Simone Nguyen
Professor, Math & Engineering

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I have known that I wanted to be a Math teacher since I was very young. I have a deep passion for Mathematics and for teaching and I love explaining the subject and answering questions, so ask away. I grew up in Romania and then moved to Germany where I earned my Master’s in Mathematics at the University of Tübingen. I came out to CSULB as an exchange student and ended up staying and earning another Master’s in Mathematics. I have been teaching at LBCC since 2000.

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Azzam El Shihabi
Professor, Math & Engineering

A picture of Azzam El Shihabi.

My love for learning mathematics began during my last year in high school. Learning Calculus then opened my mind to the fact that math is the way to know the natural laws that govern our lives. My love for math led me to learn how it can be applied so we can have better use of the vast amount of resources we have on earth.

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James Wan
Professor, Math & Engineering

A picture of James Wan.

I enjoy teaching math and have been doing that with dedication and love for nearly three decades. Graduated in 1990 from the University of California, Santa Barbara with Ph.D. in Statistics and Applied Probability, I came to teach at Long Beach City College and have taught most of the courses the Math Department offered. It gives me great pleasure knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of students.

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Jacqueline Ward
Professor, Math & Engineering

A picture of Jacqueline Ward.

I have a B.S. in astrophysics from UCLA, and an M.A. in mathematics from California State University, Fullerton. I received my Ph.D. in mathematics education at The Florida State University, completing my dissertation entitled The Aesthetics of Mathematics in Teaching and Learning: A Case Study. I have taught mathematics and mathematics education courses at the college/university level for over twenty years, including teaching online, plus I have several years ex ofperience teaching students at K-12 grade levels.

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Conor Whelan
Associate Professor, Math & Engineering

A picture of Conor Whelan.

I always liked math. From a young age, I remember the satisfaction of finally solving an equation after hours of trying. After graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Math from Pitzer College, however, wanderlust got the best of me as I spent several years exploring various countries in Latin America and Asia. I am also an avid hiker having summited most of the highest peaks in California, several glaciers in the Andes, as well as having hiked the John Muir Trail.

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